brittany was born on november 4th, 1988. she has blonde hair with RED and shes tall. shes fun and she has a cat named ki, a dog named goddess, a cat named lidia louise linkinstein, a cat name midget ann, a puppy named hades, a sister named kayla, and another sister named courtney. she likes walls. she plays basketball. sometimes she even chews gum. she is awesomely amazing. I'M HER BEST FRIEND!! yay!! HER FAVORITE ANIMAL IS THE TIGER! HER FAVORITE BAND IS 311!! sometimes she murders me! i wish i was talented enough to be spiderman. but sometimes i like to murder people...OK BYE


i'm marie! i was born on december 17th, 1987! i have brown hair with BROWN in it! wow thats fun...and i'm short! i'm fun also! i used to have a doggy named itzie-bitzie-fritzie but he died and i miss him a lot because he was the best ever! now i have linus and lucy...hades' siblings! puppies! awwwwww i have a cat named moolie and shes old and evil and i like to stick her in pots and say that i'm taking her to the doctor....ok enough of that story! i too have sisters but they're dumb so you can't know them! yea..i'd say i play sports but i don't! my bestest friend ever are brittany and janet and they're the bestest ever and i love them dearly! and corey's still my bestest friend but now he gets to be more because yay yay yay...duh idiot figure out why i said yay...and i love him! my favorite animals are doggies and giraffes and manatees! DON'T LAUGH AT THE MANATEE! my favorite band is 311! and sometimes i chew gum but im not talented like brittany but i am talented! okie dokie byebye!!

Other assortedness of jolly

though we may threaten our friends an awful lot, we do love them an awful lot. i guess you could say we do it out of love, you guys! i mean doncha think you deserve it when you call us idiots and make fun of us?! lolol jkjk! you guys are cool but that doesnt prevent either of us from getting you some mcdonalds then taking you to the circus to murder you in front of the clowns with a knife so we can traumatize them! hahahhahahaha...i made that up all on my lonesomeness....WHAT? YOU'RE MAKING FUN OF ME?! YOU WANNA BE ON THE MURDER LIST TOO?! ...i'm not obsessed

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