In a galaxy far far away...
There existed a country, named Scandia, where it's citizens were divided...where no one knew or liked each other. But there were those who allied with each other, but such allying just made tension between its citizens even worse. This was during the era of Thirdkay. This dark time in histoy came to a sudden end after rumors circled the country of a new source of power. This rumor was so unbelievable that many of the citizens laughed at the sheer thought of it. Until one day...

It was announcedby the one known as Liustyle. The new source of power was in and all doubts were laid to rest. And it has a name: MACKSTOO! So, the Mackstoo era begun.

This new source of power had an astounding effect on it's citizens. It slowly brought them together in unity. What was once divided became unified. And so begins the saga known as: SCANDIA WARS!


Invaders were raiding the slowly-unifying country of Scandia. The battle, foretold by Master Mipple, was predicted to be very vicious. The citizens of Scandia would not stand by and let the invaders take over their country. They had to protect the homeland!

The citizens of Scandia went into preparation. Training as hard as they can, hoping that they can wield enough power to hopefully stop the invaders.

After weeks of preparing, the predicted battle has finally proved to be true. There was one thing...the invaders were much much more than expected. The warriors of Scandia would definetly have a tough time fighting this battle. However, in the end...the warriors of Scandia prevailed! It was a tough battle, but surprisingly little casualties. However, there are some people missing in action. One of them is the resident basterd Tyler. Since the war he has not been seen.

The "invaders" however turned out to be something else...nothing like the warriors imagined. Instead of being enemies, they ended up being powerful allies. So the short battle gave to out warriors a lot of new friends to fight the good fight.

This fight will forever be known as The War at Suisun.


The War at Suisun has left a scar in the warrior known as Icey Flo. Icey Flo started to moan and complain about how he didn't recieve the credit he deserved in the battle. He claimed that he trained for days and days upon end and that he did well in the battle...but he didn't recieve any of the same recognition that Hypnotikz, Liustyle, Bruce Leroy, and Sweaty Boy recieved. He became rather angry, and started going on campaigns throughput the land saying how he should deserve more credit. His campaigns were starting to become a nuisance to the warriors of Scandia. Hypnotikz finally had enough and decided to speak out. This confrontation led to the withdrawal of Icey Flo from the Arrow Security force of Scandia. He was too fristrated, and also ignorant, to the comments that were being made to him by Hypnotikz. Hypnotikz said to Icey Flo that his campaigns were giving other people the wrong impression about him. Icey Flo wanted people to notice him....and it was working, just not in the way that he wanted to. Icey Flo became looked down upon in the eyes of Scandia and other countries as well. When Icey Flo announced his withdrawal, this led to people saying "just leave already." This also led to the coming of an old enemy to Icey Flo....DARK FROG!


Dark Frog confronted Icey Flo on his actions. Icey Flo of course did not respond to this kindly, so he challenged him to a death match, although he didn't realize the true identity of the menace. Once Dark Frog revealed his identity to be the mighty Fuzzy Hat, Icey Flo became terrified, because he made the challenge to him thinking it was someone else and not Fuzzy, and he knew Fuzzy was a powerful warrior. He quickly tried to withdraw from the deathmatch, afraid of being killed. But Fuzzy had already accepted his challenge. He would arrive from the land of Free Mont to Scandia and battle Icey Flo to the death under the witnessing eyes of members of the Arrow Security force: Hypnotikz, Rufio, and Sweaty Boy.

The battle went forth. The rules were simple: 3 rounds, with one of the witnesses at a time making their own stipulations for each round.

The battle was tough...but in the end Fuzzy Hat became the victor. But instead of slaying Icey Flo, he spared his life. The reaction of Icey Flo was proven to be...healthy...as compared to his reaction to the War at Suisun. Icey Flo finally took it like a man and decided to go on with his life.


Icey Flo's enemies keep popping up all over the place. Look what his campaigns have done to him. Now he has to deal with an new evil: the Sith. The Sith is an order of evil that specializes in using their knees as weapons in battles: a very looked-down-upon style. These 3 Sith: Darth Fusion, Darth Image, and Darth 3z, have risen from the dark side to destroy Icey Flo, reason being that Icey Flo has made continual threats and taunts toward the Sith. This confrontation led to the reunifying of Icey Flo and Hypnotikz.

The Sith's plans didn't go as planned though. During the confrontation, Darth Fusion disbanned with the other 2 to take on Hypnotikz, since Hypnotikz was more pumped to battle then Icey Flo. Darth Fusion tried to intimidate Hypnotikz with false claims, claiming to be the victor of a war while battling with his knees (something that has been looked down upon in the art of war). He claimed that such a war was held in the land of Kevin the Korean: the mysterious land of Santa Carla.

It was revealed by Dark Frog (the Arrow Security's newest ally) that this was all a facade and that Darth Fusion was a fake. Once revealed to the rest of the world, Darth Fusion struck out in anger and told Hypnotikz, whom he stupidly thought was Fuzzy Hat (who revealed the false Sith to the world), to just shut up and that nobody cared. Hypnotikz then revealed to him that people DID care and that they're just smart enough to not talk about it in public, also that the whole world would pounce on Darth Fusion because of his stupidity and annoyance. Darth Fusion then disappeared from the face of the earth (and the world cheers)


From the Arrow Security of Scandia emerged a new force to be reconed with: the MHR. The MHR have been following the activities of a lone warrior by the name of X. It appears he has caught the deadly disease of FANBOYISM. he caught this deadly virus after the legendary Battle of Sviggle2, a war that took place earlier than the War at Suisun. He somehow got hold a file containing footage involving another warrior, a viloent amazon by the name of VHG. The virus kicked immediately as soon as he laid eyes on her. Since then, VHG has become an obsession to X. He exchanged word with her at one point and even met up with her at the Miggle Base. She thought that he was just someone trying to make a new friend. His fonboyism was unbeknownst to VHG...until the MHR stepped in.

The MHR made contact with VHG. Agents Hypnotikz, Rufio, and Sweaty Boy revealed the true intentions of X, shocking VHG in the process. At the moment, VHG turned against X (well not really, but yeah), reason being she has a pet peeve against "fanboys." Since then, VHG has allied herself with the MHR and the rest of the Arrow Security. One day they will confront X...but when will they do it? Will it be at the Battle of Caviggle? Or the War at Mike Mountain? Whenever the battle will take place...the MHR will destroy X with their secret weapon...MEGA HUSKY ZORD!!!!


The Scandia Rebel Force (Arrow Security) had taken tutolage (is that even a real word?) from Master Mipple: the mastermind behind the Battle at Suisun. We have aquired knowledge of THE FORCE! With the force, we can halt the power of Daedaeawr machines, therefore making millions of pissed off because this "Daedaeawr" has become an obsession to thousnads of people in the land. We were astonished when Master Mipple demonstrated this power at the Tilt, a military airbase known for its malfunctioning machinery. Master Mipple used the force to halt the power of their Daedaeawr machine. Upon witnessing this, we aquired the power! With the force, we have already halted several machines...including the ones at Raviggle and Starz. The could prove to be a deadly weapon against the nemesis of the Rebel Force, Darth Spidan!


It was announced by Azn Innovation, a member of RTF (the so-called invaders from the War at Suisun) that they were coming to the land of Scandia. They didn't want another fight though....they wanted to have a good time! This marked the beginning of a new era for the Rebel Force, and this put a seal in the alliance of the 2 nations.

When they arrived, they stayed at the main headquarters. Both factions spent the whole day just eating out Wendy and singing campfire songs. The day was a relaxing time and it tokk away from the tension of war. Since then, they have been making appearances in Scandia preiodically. The Rebel Force has even visited them at their military bases at Miggle and Sviggle.


This War took place inside the small, ghetto arena of Caviggle. It wasn't actually a war, but a tournament of fighters called forth by Master Mipple. Great battles involving the great heroes of the War of Sviggle: Sweet Banana, Nobody Jen, and Hypnotikz. Great warriors made themselves known to the world as well, especially Tequila, Sweaty Boy, Liustyle, and the Mastah Bruce Leroy. It was a tough fight with a very controversial finish. The champion was Sweet Banana, with Nobody Jen and Hypnotikz coming in next. It wa controversial for the reason being that people thought that Tequila, Bruce Leroy, Liustyle, and a bazillion others should have joined in the winners circle. This was probably the most heated competition in a long time.

The MHR didn't fight X as planned...the MHR felt like they didn't train hard enough, so they decided to save their fight for another day.

After the great battle, members of RTF and Arrow Security hung out at the great Temple of Gary, not going home until the sun came up.


The war of Caviggle has left another helpless victim infected with the disease FANBOYISM (the same disease that Rebel Member X was once infected with). The subject's name: Santouki. The intellectually-challenged individual tried in vain to track down a nameless girl whom he met during the time the war was occuring. Neither participated in the war. He claims that they spent their time racing in their virtual cars. Santouki tried in vain to locate her...sending millions of messages to all the warriors from the surrounding area of Caviggle, but to no avail.

Somehow, he wandered into a bar where members of the Scandia Rebel Force and friends were downing a few beers and talking about sexual topics. Santouki asked everyone if they knew the girl because she didnt "teach" Santouki her name. This sparked rage amongst the Rebel Force. They started calling him stalker. Even Rebel Force member Hypnotikz tried to calm Santouki's nerves by sending new recruit Mil to act as she was the girl he was looking for. However, the farce didn't work.

Angered by the name calling, Santouki challenged everyone to a duel at the Sviggle battleground that night. The Rebel Force took this hilariously and started to mock him. It really was stupid though...challenging people you have no idea are. However, from a combo of everyone's threats and Hypnotikz's sexual advances (false of course), they managed to scare Santouki off and call off his search for "her."

Scandia Rebel Force: protecting the galaxy from idiots!


Members of the rebel force decided to take a night off and just...what's the word....CHILL! They decided to visit the distant world of Marine. During most of the stay there, some warriors just spent most of the time fighting battles (stupid because they could just have done that back at Scandia HQ). A plus to the trip was that there was a bunch of eye candy walking around. The bad side....they were all labeled JAILBAIT! Also, there were exhibitions by warriors from distant lands.

Day was fun

They ended the night by going to Mastah Bruce Leroy's pad and watching "Future Cops," a play put on by Tsynese people and made to look like something out of the famous battle simulator "Street Fighter."


The alliegence of Icey Flo has long been in question with the members of the Rebel Force for the longest time. It was confirmed that he didn't want anything to do with the Rebel Force. He called them a bunch of asses. Icey Flo has confirmed his allegiance with the renegade organization: Silent Force. A lot of people didn't worry about it though. A lot of the rebels were already getting annoyed with his actions. Icey Flo just kept on getting jealous of everyone's progress in the field of war. One such warrior was VHG...

He complained to VHG that her performance on the battlefield was NOTHING compared to him. He claims that all she does is shake her ass-blade. Icey Flo then went on to say that he knows more stealth techniques than she'll EVER know, adding to the claim that he should be the more recognized warrior at the War at Caviggle. VHG countered back by saying that her "shaking off her ass-blade" was more than enough to take down her foes (which was true in fact).

This confrontation, plus the nonstop complaining and attention whoring, led Icey Flo into making another ally-turned enemy. This was Hypnotikz.

Hypnotikz and Icey Flo fought a telepathic battle at their localized Jedi Temples, each battling telepathicly in the magical plane known as "The Internet." The battle was a long and tought one. Hypnotikz was somehow immune to the attacks of Icey Flo (the useless attacks of Complaint and Name-Calling), using the legendary technique of Sarcasm and Ridicule. In the end, Hypnotikz was the victor, leaving Icey Flo a sore loser as always.


The Flame War afflicted severe damage on Icey Flo, both physically and psychologically. Icey Flo then announced his retirement from the battlefield, his last day being the Friday of the next week.

After the day was done, he left the country of Scandia, saying goodbye to his former allies as if it was the end of the world (being all dramatical and stuff). He was again ridiculed by someone other than Hypnotikz. This time the person was J. Cypher of RTF. He mocked him by going up to him, pretending to cry, then all of a sudden looking up and shaking his head saying "no...."

Goodbye Icey Flo. No one will miss you, so just get the hell out! Have a nice day.


The Rebel Forces ventured into the distant land of Congkorde. The battlefield: Mike Mountain, a legendary mountain famous for it's Pizza Tree. The warriors came to a big surprise though: RTF wasn't there! Only allies from the Step Squad were there. The battle was won by people who used the dangerous technique of the Drunken Step. The winners, along with a selected few, drank gallons and gallons of beers to their hearts delight. This method of the Drunken Step was very successful.

A lot of people didn't fight their hearts out though...they treated it as if it was Friday night on a fight simulator. Oh well...no major casualties.


The Rebel Force took a night on the town after the battle. They all met up at the Claim Jumper Mine in Congkord. The newly created legion of HIM wreaked havoc on imported tanks everywhere, tainting them with their filth. They also found a new way to tap into the technique of the Drunken Step. Actually...it was a variation of it...called the Drunken Ass. They used the combination of the cool night air and the flashing of cameras to tap into the technique. With this special teqhnique, the rebels discovered the hidden landmark of "On Her Tit" and also acted like dead possums on the black roads of the city.

After being chased out by police, the Rebels met at the rendezvous point: KueZarr. It was there that they met up with fellow rebels Kry-O, Bradical, and Philosopher JR. From there, they ventured to the country of Vallehoe and spent the rest of the night at the Denny's Bar.


There was a attention-hungry monkey named Miyu. The Rebel Force encountered this strange individual at the world of Marine. The soldier, known as Hypnotikz, actually thought this monkey wasnt as bad as what everyone tells him (the other soldiers spread bad tales about him). Until a few days after the Rebel Force's visit to Marine. Miyu kept badgering Hypnotikz with endless messages...and when Hypnotikz wouldn't reply, Miyu got sad and lonely...so his badgering doubled up! This drove Hypnotikz to the brink of madness...but he escaped by blocking off all ways that Miyu could contact him.

A few months later....

It was discovered that a friend of Hypnotikz, who's name is Tabachoy Mil, has been keeping in contact with Miyu and calling him "friend." In an act of concern, influenced by his past experience with Miyu, warned Mil about Miyu.

Hypnotikz's efforts were futile. So, he decided to just wait until she meets him in person (they have only been keeping in contact via chat messaging).

When it was discovered that Hypnotikz was warning Mil about Miyu, he flipped out at the discovery pf why he has cut off all contact with him. He desperatly tried to ask Hypnotikz for forgiveness...but to no avail. Hypnotikz made it public to the world that he doesn't like Miyu.

Miyu then went on a frenzied rage, making hidden threats to Hypnotikz. ("hidden" because the only one he has been telling of these threats was Tabachoy Mil.)

Why does Miyu make these threats? Is it because he has a strange obsession with Hypnotikz?

Is it because he thinks that Hypnotikz is ruining his chances with making Tabachoy Mil his new lover, and that he doesn't want her to know his true identity?

Is it because he just can't handle the real truth...that people despise his ass and think of him as a nuisance?

Whatever the reason is...this stupid monkey will definetly have his face off with Hypnotikz. His threats are proof of asking for it.