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Around 8:15 we left the park and drove up to the community guard shack.  There people parked their cars and piled into the few pickup trucks we had.  We drove to the trail head and left only 3 truck there not wanting to hog the limited parking.  The group under John Hall's leadership walked up the paved road until reaching the water tank.  There we stopped, divided into two groups.  Group one (Charlotte, Kris, Gordon, Georgina, Carmen, Thea, Lynn, Jason, Mike, Helene, and Steve Becker) would continue up the jeep road to the Halepepe Trail and begin clearing from there.  Group two (Nathan Yuen, Bob Kline, Dayle Turner, Jay Feldman, John Hall, Peter Kempf,  Bill Gorst, Connie Muschek, Deetsie Chave, Sam, and Evilia Torres) would leave the jeep road by the water tank and descend into the valley cross a gully, and then climb a ridge line till meeting the Halapepe Trail at Pu`u 1276, which is marked on the next map as WP#25 Lunch Spot.  This is the section of trail marked in black dashed lines.

Following John Hall our fearless leader we start down the trail into the first gulch.