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What is Project HOPE?

Project HOPE is a program of Crisis Counselor Outreach Workers whose primary goal is to:

        assist survivors in coping with the psychological aftermath of the disaster(s)

        reduce the stress or psychological harm caused by the traumatic experience

        help survivors understand their current situation and reactions

        refer survivors to appropriate agencies or resources in the community

Teams of Outreach Workers are assigned each day to make home visits to survivors as well as providing outreach support in the local Disaster Recovery Center.

If you would like assistance or support, please contact Project HOPE at
(866) 518-1825 or (772) 467-3088 or if available, visit a Disaster Recovery Center near you.  



Our Toll Free Number
(866) 518-1825


This toll-free number is intended to provide crisis referral services to the survivors of Hurricanes Charley, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne.  Many Florida residents have experienced devastation and major personal losses.  Many people are feeling overwhelmed and are struggling to navigate the very system established to provide support and assistance.  Significant stress often manifests itself in the form of depression, a sense of futility, uncertainty and frustration.  Pre-existing problems or losses are often exaggerated and intensified during this time.  Support systems are essential.

This number provides a central point for callers to identify themselves as needing support and assistance in coping with the impact of the hurricanes.  Staff provides information and referral services for relief agencies and crisis counseling in the area in which the caller resides.  Teams of "on the ground" staff are available to provide outreach, information & referrals, crisis counseling and education & information in the geographic areas impacted by the hurricanes.



Callers with specific needs (e.g. financial assistance, food, electrical power, home repairs, temporary housing, etc.) and without apparent mental health issues are referred to the agencies managing these needs (e.g. FEMA., Red Cross, state agencies, Project Blue Roof, etc.). 


Project HOPE

"Assisting survivors in the recovery process."

If you would like to speak with someone in our area, please call
(772) 467-3088.


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