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Band Members

First Practice!
'I think we found our vocalist.'

High Society came together as a band around Thanksgiving of 2004. It started when guitarist Jake Pratt put a "want add" sort of thing on a website. The "want add" said that Jake Pratt was looking for a band, and if anyone was interested to contact him. Jay Duncan and Jake Jensen, were allready going to start a band together. When they saw Jake Pratts post on that website, they both thought it would be fun to get in a band with Jake Pratt. So they told Jake Pratt they wanted to do the band. So those three started a band. But, they were still a few band members short. First of all. They needed a drummer. When Jake Jensen joined the band, he decided to bring along a friend of his, and a talented drummer, Garrett Jeppsen. So they had four members of this band. A few days later, Jake Pratt thought of a few band names. High Society was one of them. When the other members were asked if they thought High Society was a cool band name, they all said yes. So then they had their name. That is how High Society was formed. Thanks for visiting the site!