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 As we sit an watch the sun
dispear in the distant waters
my daughter and I
in our
favorite spot
time frozen just for us;
we sit together dreaming of
a better day.
When she is not in so much pain
and no screams in the nite
I see the tears in her eyes
and try to tell her things will
be all right;
wrap my arms
around her and hold her tight.
The love we share is
a lovely bond.
I watch her smile,
eyes light up
with a face that glows.
She has
a laugh that
can fill a room!
On her bad days, is
hard for her to respond;
she is so full
of  gloom and dispair.
As I turn to my child
and hold her in my arms,
a late night massage
helps her through her worst nightmares
and remind her
that she has so much more to give.
To live as one day
at a time gives us.
Dont be afriad to
tell those you love
that you care;
and how dear they are to you;
and tell them that you love them.
She is strong
and wise before her time.
Mom's prayer
for my dearest
is to always see you shine,
Like the bright star you
My Dearest Daughter
aren't we a pair?

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Especially for Amber