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     During the 2002 election, then Governor Scott McCallum told the voters that it was local government that was responsible for the huge budget deficit that had to be tamed. He called Town, Village City, and County governments the "big spenders” and he vowed to cut the state’s shared revenues for local governments in order to force them to curb their spending.

     Former Governor McCallum was wrong. Local governments are the most frugal and efficient spenders of tax dollars. I served as Columbia County District Attorney, I can tell you how local government watches and accounts for every dime.

     In 2004 the Republicans advanced Scott McCallum’s plan, and renamed it the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights. The plan would freeze your property taxes and force your local government to live with the consequences of rising costs, increasing needs and unfunded mandates with out the ability to levy a fair tax.

     This plan, which died in 2004 will be back agaian and is a misguided effort to curb spending. It will not work because the big spenders are in the capitol not in the town, village, or city halls.

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