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MSNTV-Isn't Technology Great!- Goodbye WEBTV

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Hi out there!!! I've created this page to help you.... and me also!
I've got me a MSNTV box(actually it's the wife's) and been working on learning HTML coding and setting up a web page. Been visiting web sites all over and developing codes. I now have a basic understanding, but want to learn more. So I figure if I help you with HTML it will also help me.
People out there with HTML coding problems send them to me. I'll study them and try to find out where you went wrong. Please don't send me mile long codes, I'm not that good yet!
This is for MSNTV users only!!
This site will constantly change and hopefully improve.

Here's two help sites I like using if you would like to check them out.

The Kid


My First Web Site

machinest's meeting place