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me and wheels playing around on the jump course :)

jason giving me my corsage :)

This is my favorite picture of all time,..me and jason,..dancing the night away :)

Another prom pic of me and Jason,..

Three generations of beautiful women ;) *wink wink* This is my mom, me, and my grandmother! :)
*check my profile for tons more prom pics

casey and steph are the coolest underclassmen ever ;) haha love you girls!

pictures from riding :-D

whats up with jason taking a picture of me and holli's butts? haha :)

Holli is the cutest little jumper i think ive ever had the pleasure to ride! Shes just learning and even the smallest jumps get the biggest effort! :-D

Heres a pic of me trying to convince Holli to go OVER the jump rather than around it,..you can see the "omg heather its so,..BIG" look on her face :)

another pic of holli trying so hard to clear the tiny jump with plenty of room,..so cute :-D

Jason shot this pic of the babies while they were resting from the sun,..:)

Heres Holli and Jason :) Holli has switched to western mode :) no more jumping,..haha they look so cute together!

Heres another pic of the two of them

poor Holli,..everyone takes a picture of her back end! haha ;) *whew* I swear a man on a horse is sooooooo sexy!

This is me and Comet last summer winning our equitation class! *hooray* haha

Brookville's best Drum Majors ever! Give it up for me, BJ and stephy!! :-D haha

me and amy at baccalaureate my junior year,..i love her so much! :-D

Duke is my favorite puppy of all time,..and look at this picture!! aww! what a face! :-D

Jason caught me off guard and snapped this pic of me playing in the water at the peaks :)

Jason and Layce rock hopping! well,..Jason anyways ;)

Wow, how embarrasing,..Jason and I are DORKS ;) haha