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January 19 is the first annual LOL Day, or Laugh Out Loud Day. What this means is on that lucky day, you have a goal-to make other people laugh! Simply tell them a joke, say something funny, write a silly phrase, do a goofy wiggle, anything that will make them laugh. If you do get someone to laugh, write it down on a sheet of paper and put what you did to make them laugh. This is called the Laughing Paper. Got it? After the official LOL Day is over, you can give the list to Alicia, and she will see who made the most people laugh. There will even be a prize! Here are a few rules:

You cannot mark multiple times that you made a certain person laugh on the Laughing Paper. This simply means that you can’t say that you made someone laugh more than once and mark it on the Laughing Paper.

You cannot tell anyone about LOL Day, or state that you have to make them laugh for a special reason.

You cannot give anyone prizes for someone else laughing for you.

You cannot try to make people laugh over the internet. So even if they post a “LOL” it doesn’t count! Only people that you make laugh personally counts.

You can only count things that you did to make people laugh. If someone else made them laugh, it doesn’t count!

You cannot use the same method for making another laugh more than once.

Cheating in any form is against the rules :)

Anything else that Fiery deems against the rules stands :P

So get going on making people laugh on LOL Day!

People participating in LOL Day:


(Not using real names, only Neo names :)