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We have created a special website that has forums for the members of NVH here! It's quite simple to sign up too. Just click on the Register button at the top under the top banner. Fill out what you want your username to be (preferably the same one as on the Neopets site so we know who you are) and an email address. If you don't want others to see your email, check the box that says "Hide from public?" Afterwards click "I Agree!" and an email will be sent to you with your log in code. Copy and paste it where you log in, and once you are logged in you can change the log in code with a code of your choice by clicking on the "Profile" and editing it from there. Feel free to check out the website, join, and chat with other NVH members! Don't forget to click on the Rules Board and topics before you post. Thanks! We look foward to seeing you there ^_^

If you haven't already, sign up at the awesome forum site here!

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