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Council Members

We want everyone to feel comfortable in the guild, and to get to know the council members. Here is a little bit of info to get to know them more.

Username: fiery_little_shoyru
Nickname: fiery
Council: Leader
Favorite Animal: Cats
Favorite Video Game Characters: Torchic and Tails
Favorite Neopets: Shoyru and Bori
Favorite Things to do on Neopets: Chat on the guild boards and draw
Current goal: Win the BC, paint Jelly Halloween

fiery_little_shoyru, is the creator of the guild. She is also the creator of the guild website that you are reading right now ^_^ She is good with HTML and graphics, and loves to draw. Occasionally she'll enter the art gallery and beauty contest on Neopets. She is a 14 year old girl and she loves to go online to Neopets and play video games. She is an overall good person to hang around with, and makes a great guild leader.






More Council Info will be added soon ^_^

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