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on the way to the faire.

katie gives a thumbs up.

my first year dressing up. yay!

squire boys = hot. when the blocks fell katie and i cried "jenga!"

this was the naughty show. they sang about blow jobs and orgasms.
"well lay me down and roll me over and do it to me again..."

katie got kind of cut-off

so we tried it again.

whilst waiting for our onion blossom conan [who you will get to know later]
and josh [the cute boy behind us] tied katie up

then they tied the other cuff to josh.

this is conan.

that is ice.

awww...the swing boy! he said "come on! we'll get you wet and get you off"
[they were getting the people wet as they pushed them.]

the highlight of my day. i'm so sorry i didn't hug that stormtrooper.

this was the squire at the joust.

katie fell in love with him

you can't really see it, but there was blood on his hand. he was holding up
rings for the jousters and got hit. at first we were concerned, but it was all part of the show.

this would have been cool had that stupid fence not been in my way.

directly following the taking of this picture the cute squire kissed katie on the cheek.

marky fell in love with katie on our way out. he had braces. adorable.