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hi dave!

shockingly enough, dave did not take this picture.

hi devyn!


i closed my eyes on purpose. wtf?!

cheer up charlie. [wouldn't that be a kick ass band name?]

devyn decided to take a nice happy nap. actually, i don't remember what was going on.

see?! see?! devyn and i did meet! i love devyn.

"i cheated at solitaire and still lost" -dave

eating? yes?

heh. emo devyn.

i think i know where this is going...


if you spray perfume around dave he makes this really weird face and starts sneezing...sort of. this was my attempt at capturing that.

SO art.

picture in a picture. pip. heh.


apparently my glasses look like they have the matrix stuff on them. whatever you call it...


that cup was asking for it...


that looks a little like leah's mom's pissed off look.


devyn loves the slow shutter.

note devyn's cell phone number written on my hand in blue sharpie.

scary much?

i had to go to the eye doctor because it's time for me to get new glasses. but i decided to get the same frames because i love them.

b l u r r y. only not. it's more like the light is really weird. whatevs.

upside down.

shadows. doesn't it look like we're grabbing each other's asses?

i love dave.

i love people.