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welcome to Dead Beat Records, we're a new label and this is a new site, so there's not much here at the moment. DBR is a hardcore label, as in old school, posi and straight edge, and we hope to bring you some of your favourite ever records in our upcoming releases.
the first release is the ENZK 10 package which is issue 10 of the zine and a 24 track cd of some boss hardcore from Scotland.
Limited to 150 copies.the bands on the disc are: engage,
i stand alone,
the process,
by my hands,
the fightback,
a written apology,
20 centuries of sleep,
and condition21, 2 tracks from each.
after that there are a couple of albums we hope to put out so watch this space for updates...

if any bands fancy sending in your demo, feel free we'll always be looking for great new bands to blow us away, but remember: old school hardcore is what we like, anything else would be wasting your time and resources.