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Fire and Ice

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Fun Junk (all horiscopes)

pick out an outfit for fall.
get sexy in PJ's.
what to wear on a second date?
do your hair and makeup!

ICE POLE OF THE WEEK: who is the hottest celebraty? ~ Orlando Bloom ~ Ashton Kutcher ~ Daniel Radcliffe ~ Usher *** E-mail me ur answer. the hottie voted for most will have a special segment with links, picks, and more! so vote vote vote! E-mail: *** FIRE CHAT: go to chatroom " fireandice " everyday at 7:00pm - 11:00pm. the chat room is open EVERY day! if you are interested in your own web site, I will make one for you for FREE! yes free. You give me your info, I put it into a web site. fire and ice will provide you with backgrounds, blogs, and banners for your websites!you can choose from over 100 different backgrounds. for more info E-mail me. my e-mail is provided at the bottom.