Beatle Wives and Girlfriends

There are some of us out there that still resent beatle wives and girlfriends! I saw a bumpersticker that said "Still Pissed at Yoko!" I think that thats funny but are they getting their just desserts? Here's a quick reveiw of Beatle Wives and Girlfriends. We are starting with my favwits.

Pattie Boyde "The sweet one"
Pattie Boyde met George Harrison on the set of A Hard Days night. He asked her out but she turned him down she had already had her eye on Paul. Later she finally gave in to his offer to go on a date. Things worked out well, and as you all know, they got married. They never had any children, because (this is a rumor) she thought children would ruin her modeling career.In 1977, They divorced when she fell in love with Eric Clapton, George's best friend, and he loved her back as we can hear in the song "Layla". So to sum up their marriage, the where a sweet couple, did well for years, went traveling to india, then it fell apart in the end.

Pro's of Pattie: She was the most sincere (in my opinion) wife. It really wasn't for money or such, but those kids really loved each other! They lasted for nearly 10 years, which not many can boast.

Con's of Patti: How can you divorce George Harrison to marry Eric Clapton?

Public's Opinion: From what I hear, everyone likes her and thinks she nice and pretty. Nothing bad like Yoko.

Josie's opionion of Patti: I think that Patti's just great! She was very sweet and nice and did her eyes very cool. I can't find anything bad about her, and that is why she is my favorite Beatle Wife.

Olivia Arias Harrison "The Comforting one"

In the early 1980s, George married Olivia Arias and they gave birth to their son, Dhani. There isn't to much on their marriage, though married for 20 years, which is NICE. She was the one that immediatly called the police after the stabbing, and she also stuck with him through the whole Cancer ordeal.

Pros: Stuck with Georgie through everything. Everything. The cancer, the trials, the stabbings...

Cons: None that I can find.

Publics Opinion: Most people, naturally, feel sympathy for her husbands recent death. Nothing bad on her.

Josie's Opinion: I think she's just great, and glad Geroge found another wife after Patti.

Cynthia Lennon "The Tolerant one"

The marriage that was, really, one sided. When Powell told Lennon that she was pregnant with his child, the "right thing to do", according to Brian Epstein, was to marry her. The pregnancy was not expected; Powell planned on getting her qualification as an art teacher. Cynthia later recalled: "Being certified as an art teacher would have enabled me to support John whatever happened, because his life at that time was music and I couldn't see his future in it....I thought, 'I love him. Whatever happens, if he can't make money, I'll be there and I'll have my art teacher's diploma and I'll be able to teach." A week after Julian, John came to visit his newborn son. Lennon’s excitement over his son was cut short by women looking into the window to watch the singer. He abruptly told his wife he’d be going on holiday with Brian Epstein. She was angry that he was leaving but remained silent.After the Beatles' hectic touring ended in 1966, John returned to his home, Kenwood. He would stay in a back room of the house, taking drugs, having people coming in, or reading and composing songs. He completely isolated himself from the outside world; the fame had begun to take its toll on him. Cynthia watched as her marriage came falling apart. There was nothing she could do to save the marriage, and it was only getting worse because of drugs. Yoko Ono came into the Lennons’ life in late 1966.On the way back to London after their trip to India, Lennon confessed to Powell all the women he had affairs with. What made it worse was that he concentrated on women his wife personally knew, not just the countless groupies from tours past. Powell was shocked and hurt, and left for a bit. Cynthia returned back to Kenwood some time later. The house was silent, but the door was unlocked, so Powell figured someone would be home. She called out, saying she returned. She walked into the sun-room of their house, and in her own bathrobe, was Yoko Ono sitting next to Lennon. She recalled: “I was absolutely shattered....I felt I had to get out of there immediately.” The divorce was finalized November 8, 1968.

Pros: She STUCK with John although he cheated. She was a great lady, in my opinion.

Cons: She had one little con. She piblished the book A Twist of Lennon. It was a "tell all" book about how bad John was. I feel a LITTLE sorry for John.

Public Opinion: The public didn't know about her entill 18 months after their marriage, since Beatlemania wouldn't take a married beatle well.

Josie's Opinion: Great girl, simply fab. She pulled through, only to be shunned by John Lennon of all people. She was the first person in the Beatle circle to openly say something against Yoko.

Maureen (Mary) Cox, The "origional fan" one.

Like all girls at the time, She was particularly interested in one band, The Beatles, who performed regularly at the Cavern Club (which Cox frequented). At the time, The Beatles recently had a new new drummer, Richard Starkey, (Ringo Starr), from rival group Rory Storm & The Hurricanes. One day the hairdresser spotted Ringo on the street and chased after him. She was able to get Starr's autograph; he wrote his license number on the paper as well. Paul McCartney, however, was the first Beatle Cox kissed. Her friend made a bet saying that she couldn't kiss Paul, but Maureen was determined to win. Fighting her way backstage, Cox went right up to McCartney and kissed him (while her friend burst into tears, thinking that Cox wasn't up to the dare). Meanwhile, Cox waited for Starr to come out, for she still liked him best. She went up and kissed him as well. They went out regularly together. Although Cox was dating Starr, she would still go to Cavern performances to watch the Beatles. It was getting more and more dangerous for her to go, since she was beaten badly by some fans. When the Beatles broke up in 1970, so did the Starkey marriage. Ringo's infidelities were increasing even more, his alcoholism becoming more of a problem. To make matters worse, when the Starrs were visiting George and Pattie Harrison, George said how much he loved Maureen. Rumors have persisted that this fateful evening led to the breakup of the Harrisons' and Starrs' marriages.

Pros: I can't think of any noticable pros. Just that she stuck with him, as most beatle wives did, though Cyn's and Olivias was a little harder.

Con's: That she is the luckiest fan that ever lived. Imagine! You run up and kiss em (as many did) and then you getta go out with em?!

Publics: Though beaten up, the public loved her, since it made Ringo so excited about the baby she was gonna have. I have never read a story about 'Reen that didn't say how happy Ringo was about the baby.

Josie's Opinion: She was one lucky girl, and she seemed pretty happy. She actually didn't want a divorce but Ringo had some affair with this american bird. Damn Americans. :)