Eversince that fatefull day that I, Josie, had to fill in as Paul McCartney in the talent show (however much I didn't like the Yellow Submarine) I have been a diehard Paul fan. But why Paul? He's just the pretty boy they all scoffed. Well I here have a list of why Paul is the greatest. And if I get around to it, I'll make on for the rest of them.

1. Hes a real cutie. (no argument there)

2. He can write music like no ones bisness.

3. He was friends with John Lennon (not many can say that!)

4. He could play multipule instrements.

5. He still has it "going" even though hes, like, 60 ( Heather Mills has proved that.)

6. He still can sing VERY well (Concert for NY)

7. He is VERY VERY rich.

8. He was nighted (wow)

9. He has an authentic british accent (SIGH)

10. He was a beatle (obviously)

11. He has a VERY cheeky smile

12. He sang Yesterday, the most played song on the radio ever. (true fact)