Learn Swedish with The Beatles!
Lara Svenska med Beatles!

Being that Josie lived in Sweden for a year (thank you, thank you) she considers herself to know swedish pretty well and herself to be extremely beautiful, but that's beside the point. All the words I dont know are in (parentheises).:D.

Lets start with something easy.

Hard days night- Hord dagens nat (this is all phonetically)

Det har ben en hord dagens nat,
och jag har ben jobbet lik som en hund.
Det har ben en hord dagens nat,
Jag ska sova som en (log).
Men nar jag ar hem med day, Jag hittar den sakna du ur, ska ha mej bli at ok.

Nar jag ar hem... alting ar okay....
Nar jag ar hem... jag vet du ar (holding me tight!)

It kinda goes on like that..