Are you a Beatles fan? Wanna prove it to the world? Wanna scream it at the top of your lungs! Well, ya cant. BUT you can certainly post it on your SITE! Thats right, step right up. This here is the "I'm a beatles fan and I'm ever so proud of it page." I'm very tired of people CONSTANTLY asking "Why do you like the Beatles?" or the dreded "God I hate them. Arn't they OLDIES?" Ah. The dreded word of Middle school. BUT here is a sactuary. THANK YOU INTERNET! Paste these on your site, (maybe link it to me?) and say I'M A PROUD SUPPORTER OF THE BEATLES! EVEN IF THEY ARE CLASSIFIED AS OLDIES!

Heck, I'm printing these out to go on my backpack (I think its still a backpack. There are so many buttons, I can barley tell anymore.)

Thanks EVER so much to Kerry's Beatles/Paul McCartney site! Find it and vote for it on the Beatles top 50!