Whats in a name? Would Paul by any other name, still be as sweet? I have looked up each and every one of their names (middle ones included) and lets see how close these name meanings come!

Supplanter (Supplanter means one who wrongfully or illegally seizes and holds the place of another) Hmm....

Small- Little
*Josie puts on her Chashere Cat grin* Little? Little WHAT?

John: God is Gracious, Merciful
You can say THAT again. Stupid Millionars...

Winston (heh heh):
Victory Town
Just as confused as you are. Probably after Winston Churchill, being he was born smack dab in the war.

George: Farmer


Harold *chuckle*:
Army Ruler
> Srgt. Peppers lonely hearts club band...

Ringo (or in this case Richard)
Richard: Powerful, Rich Ruler
Notice all the rings?

Sorry fellows, tho I searched for many an hour, twas all in vain. I do believe Ringo does not have a known middle name. Probably does.

Other important Names that should have their definition known!

Josefin *hehe*:
Comes from the name Joseph. God will Increase. *?*

Fatima *me middle name*: Daughter of the prophet Mohammed. Yay.

Dhani, George's son: Rich man, wealthy man.
Heh Heh Heh....

Yoko, John's widow: Positive.
PEACE GOOD! WAR BAD! Positive enough?

Patricia, George's old wife: Of Nobel Decent.
Well, her kids are of Nobel decent, I soppose.

Olivia, Georges widow: From the name OLIVER, which means Olive Tree.
She DOES have olive skin...

ELEANOR, Rigby.: Light
Lonely people dont have a lot of light??

Rita, Lovely!: From MARGARITA, which means From the name MARGARET, which means A Pearl.

Molly, and Desmond!: From the name MARY, which means From the name MIRIAM, which means Mistress of the Sea.
Market place? Sea? Where doth Molly live?

Martha, Paul's dog: Lady
Lady and the Tramp! Its true! Its so true!!!

Jude, Hey!: One who is praised.
All praise John!

Joan, was quizzical: From the name JOANNE, which means God is Gracious.
Not when Maxwell's silver comes down!

Maxwell, silver hammer: Great Spring
Springs up behind people!

Sadie, Sexy: From the name SARAH, which means Princess.
Sexy Sadie you'll get yours yet However big you think you are. Princess's are big.

Interactive fellows
Wanna name a beatle? Think John looks more like a Larry? Think George looks more like a Ben? Think Ringo looks more like a Steve? Well tell me here, I soppose.

A rose by any other name...

Whats in a name?

Want your name on here? You REALLY do? Well then on the form above put at the bottom of your reply: "My real name is _____". I will then look it up, and I will put it up! Wow, an't I nice.
People that sent in things.

Well?: The Fab Four have the best names ever, except I think Ringo should've been a Robert because then it'd be John, Paul, George, and BOB! lol
My real name is Katie!

Katie: Pure, Virginal

Paul would be happy. Heh Heh Heh...