Regis: Hi! Welcome to who wants to be a millionare-Ultra super Group edition! Throughout history we have had many Groups, teams, ect. But none match up to the groups we have today. Today we have the esteemed Beatles *applaud*, The Marx brothers *applaude*, and The Monty Python Gang! *appluade*

Regis still: Now you all know the rules. We do the fast finger draw, then one of your gang gets in the hotseat. ONLY YOUR gang can help you. Got it? LETS PLAY! *appluade*

The Question is....In which order where the Beatles born?
a. John
b. George
c. Ringo
d. Paul
Alright! The order is- CADB! And who got it.... George! *applaude*

*George walks up to Regis and shakes his hand*

Regis: Now George, tell us a bit about yourself!

George:Well, I'm George. I died a bit ago... Thats about all I think. Hi Dhani! *waves at camera*

My, arn't you modest! Oh well. Lets play!

The 100 $ question. Finish this sentance: All you need is...
a. Money
b. Love
c. a BMW
d. a planner

George: Um... a? *Turns to look at group*
*Paul looks up at sky.*
Paul: George! This is one of our songs! You practiacally wrote it. Now stop foolin' and guess A.
John : No No, its B. We wrote another song called Can't buy me love. Your getting them mixed up, Paulie.
Ringo : I rather like me BMW...
Paul : Well, I have a limo. But thats not the point. Just pick what you want, George.
Regis: Well, that was a lot of Help.
George: Wont you please please help me?
Regis: Come on, George. Your just nervous. What would Ravi Shankar say?
George: B, then...
*George sighs relief*
Regis: Next Question- After what Marx Brothers film did Zeppo quit?
A. Duck Soup
B. Monkey Buisness
C. A night in Casablanca
D. Love Happy

George: WHAT? I have no idea! They where in theaters before I was born. Fellas?
Paul /John /Ringo : Dont look at me!
George: Well....B?
Regis: No I'm sorry. Its A. You have won 200!
George: Back in the 60's, Thats how much I made a minute... *George sulks off to his seat*
Regis: Lets see if we can get another Beatle on, eh? Heh-heh.
Fast finger question: In the Place to have an argument, in order, which places does Eric Idle visit? This is a Monty Python Question.
A. Argument
B. Complain
C. Secretary
D. Hit on the Head lessons
Times up! The answer is.... CADB. The winner is...Harpo Marx!

*Harpo takes the harmonica out of his mouth, Honks his horn and shakes regis's hand*
Tell us about yourself, Harpo!
*Harpo Honks horn*
Grucho: He's a Mute, Regis. Or at least he pretends to be.
*Harpo gives Grucho the finger and begins to weep*
Chico: Nowa se whatcha you'va done. You mada him cry.
*Suddenly Harpo sees the Beautiful Stage manager and chases her off the stage.*
Regis: ........
Paul : Hey Regis! Since Harpo's chased the American Bird off the stage, might I have a go?
Regis: Sure Paul, come on up.
*Paul comes up and winks at crowd. A Feminine scream fills the room.*
Regis: Well Paul , tell us about yourself.
Paul : Well, lets see. On June 18, 1942, I was born at Walton General Hospital in Liverpool, where my mother had previosly worked as a midwife. My family moved a few times, when I was 13, they moved to 20 Forthlin Road in Allerton, just across a golf course and a little over one mile away from where John lived with his Aunt Mimi. *Waves at John* Music was always a part of the McCartney household. Before the war, My father was a Cotton salesman during the day, and a jazz musician with Jim Mac's Jazz Band by night. Both me and me brother received piano lessons. I did very well in school. When Lonnie Donnegan appeared in Liverpool and the Skiffle craze hit, Jim McCartney scraped together 15 for a guitar for Me. Me friend Ivan Vaughan invited me to Woolton to see the Quarrymen play in Woolton on July 6, 1957, but not really to hear the Quarrymen, it was because Vaughan had promised it would be a great place to pick up girls, which...
Regis: Um, Paul . Thats enough. I meant something Quick, like your upcoming marrage, or maybe about your kids..
Paul : What? Sorry, I wasn't listening *Paul goes back to flirting with assitant stage manager, who looks hypnotized*
Regis: PAUL!
Paul : What? what?
Regis: Nothing. Here's the question..Wait a minute. I'm sorry but we can't ask this question because its about you.
John : You might as well! Paul would be the last one to know if he was dead, he's just that dumb!
Paul : Come on Regis. Sock it to me.
Regis: Alright... In their movie, Help, what silly thing happens to Paul?
A. He grows to 50 feet
B. Shrinks to the size of a ant
C. Gets laid
D. Gets sacrificed
Paul : GETS LAID! See here Regis, I was getting laid while you where getting rid of your pimples. I was the cute one! See, says here. *Holds up People Magazine* RANDOM ACTS OF SEXINESS! See! I'm the cute one!
Regis chuckles and says: So, C your answer!
Paul : Ho, noo. Where not done. Watch.
*Paul calls over assitant stage manager, whispers in here ear, and she faints straight on the floor*
Paul gloats and says: All I did was mention the subject.
Ringo : Regis, you dont have to take this. I'll come up!
Regis: Thats a good boy, Ringo
Paul : Teachers pet
John: Goodie Goodie
George: still upset.
Regis: I'm SO sorry, Ringo, but we've run out of time and stage managers. Tune in tomorrow where we have ringo in the hotseat, on WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONARE! *applaude*