Many times on this site (mostly my beatles portion) you will see such things as Josie sighs, Josie writes, Josie accuses, Josie falls asleep. But who is the girl behing the website? What gorgeus supermodel could have done such a site. She must be quite a genious. AND YOU'RE RIGHT! Anyhoo. I shall say a bit of something about this shagadelic creature I call myself.

Okay, now I get to talk about meself. Fun! I think that I am the reancarnation of either Scarlett O'hara

or Eric Idle.

BECAUSE I'm exactly like them both, or they are both my personalities. For example, I'm southern bellish like Scarlett (My you DO dance devinly!) and I've got the british punish humor in me vains (You're not supposed to be smoking that!). Though secretly I AM the walrus and Paul McCartney at the same time. Now that I have thoroughly scared you all, you may resume looking at my site! Get back, Honky Cat.

I'm only sleeping is playing which is pretty much my favorite song cause it describes my "I'm not a morning person" personality.