Josie Askes all you Beatle Fans out there a question.
If you could spend ONE DAY with any Beatle, what would ya do?
To the Beach?
To the Zoo?
To the Park?

I'm sorry, but I didn't put a name slot on the answer thingy *slaps head*. SO, PLEASE add your name, or else I can't post it, or I'll make up some REALLY stupid name and you'll regret it FOREVER...

Cheeky678 said- "I would go with John (a course) to the Metro Museum of art. He seems like such good company for an art museum. THEN we would go to Burger King, get some food, and have a picknick in Central Park. Guess where I live? ha ha. Anyway, then I would give him my number and say if he doesn't call me, I'll make sure that I keep his face in a jar by the door.

Josie's comments: Why would you take John if you could take Paul? And we can all guess you live in Seattle. Gosh, that was obvious!

i'd go with george (he seems the nicest to be around, even if john is more like me, ringo's funnier, and paul's hot) to some wooded-over area... like the mountains where i used to live. it would be snowing a bit... we'd hike for a while, then turn back... and have discussions about nothing and everything over hot chocolate with the rest of the beatles included, and the snow would get thicker... and then when it stopped there would be a foot or so for us to go traying, have a snowball fight, go ice skating, play icebee... i would die a very happy person after that day.

Josie's comments: Ah, the Rubber Chicken of doom. We meet again... ANYHOO Sounds nice, and I'm afraid of snowfights (if you had my brother, you would be too) So I can't exactly agree.

I'd prolly just walk around the streets of me old home town (Either London or Liverpool) and show off to everyone! Then, of course, I'd have to go over the Maia, Sara and Safia's houses to show them how cute Ringo really is, and rub their faces in it! Um... could Moonie come with us? She's me best friend.
-Rachael Starkey

Josie's Comments: Sure! Moonie would be delighted. And I quite agree on Ringo's cutness. He's such a cuddely boo.

I would go with George (easily the hottest guy ever!) for a walk along a golden beach, and we'd talk and laugh and just mess around together! Then I'd take him home and take him to see my best friend so she would FINALLY see how great he is! Then we'd go to some luxurious hotel and spend a romantic night together...I'll leave it there! - Vicky

Josie's comments: Why does everyone want to show how cute beatles are to their friends? Can't they realize the utter cuteness of John, Paul, George, and Ringo? Must be BRAINWASHED by some boyband or other. NO the beatles are NOT a boyband. :D

Well?: I would take Paul on a 24 hour trail ride in some remote place. Talk about nothing and just hang out-just us and our horses. It would be so much fun, the two things I love, Paul and horses. A perfect day!

Josie's comments: 24 hours? My my, you do like your horses. Its kinda funny how everyone likes to talk about nothing with the Beatles. I wanna skip the talk... Heh Heh.

Well?: WOW!Can I??It would most certainly be John.First,ask him to sign my guitar(with personal message for only me),then we would take a stroll around London with him as my guide,then back to Tittenhurst where we play guitar all evening as the others show up for a jam session!

Josie's Comments: No Fair! I want a guitar! Tittenhurst? *cheshire cat grin*. Sounds like "fun".

Well?: Of course, I would spend a day with John. :-) We would go to D.C. and to the National Art Gallery because I love the way John thinks and he would be the proper person to go to an art museum with. (Plus I LOVE the paintings in the National Museum!) Then we would fly up to NYC and explore. We would go to the Dakota and John would take me into his special room with the Imagine Piano in it. He would sit on the bench and I would sit on his lap. I would put my fingers in the position of the starting chords of 'Imagine' and John would put his hands over mine and together we would play 'Imagine', and he would sing it to me. Then I would sit next to him and he'd play 'Love' for me and then tell me that he has divorced Yoko because he loves ME! And then he would propose and I would of course ACCEPT! And then I would be Mrs. John Winston Lennon! Yet it's only a dream since that fateful winter day of 1980... -Katie (the Lennon fanatic)

Josie's comments: ......... Woah. I should make a new compitition. "If you could spend one life with a beatles, what would you do?" Its very sad Lennon died, yes. I'm not old enough to remember. That might be a good thing. I remember when Linda died!

What would you do?

A day with a beatle. What to do?