~Stella's Groove~

Hello, Dahlings! Velcome to my petite page on zee fashion world. I 'ave com achross a certain young lady, or should I say, un petite madmoiselle, and she is a very very promisining designer. I bit spoiled but she is simply a doll! Now. Below ve have a small section on Stella, and zen ve shall look at some of her fashions, zen my little friend who's site I hav borrowed will give 'er opinion. Josie? Vill you continiue? Ello. Personally the reason I dislike Stella is because she and Prince Charles went to a fashion party together. Grr...

Here's what VOUGE has to say!

The daughter of ex-Beatle Sir Paul and Linda McCartney. She first hit the headlines herself in 1995, when she graduated from London's Central St Martins College of Art & Design. Her graduation show, attended by her super-famous parents, featured pals Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss modelling her clothes on the catwalk.
(Dear god, I thought my brother was spoiled)

Unsurprisingly, the student show became front page news around the world and the entire collection was snapped up by London boutique Tokio. McCartney launched her eponymous label the same year. Despite her newfound celebrity, she had already served a long apprenticeship in fashion. At 15, she worked with Christian Lacroix on his first couture collection and later spent several years learning her craft on Savile Row.
(at 15? You know, about 99% of 15 year olds work at burger King, but ho no, Madam stella wouldn't dare.)

McCartney was appointed chief designer at the French couture house Chloe in March 1997. Succeeding Karl Lagerfeld in one of the most high profile posts in the industry, McCartney's appointment was viewed by many as simply an astute publicity stunt on the part of Chloe's owners, the Vend˘me group. However, her first collection for the house, shown in Paris in October 1997, quickly dispelled any doubts about her talent. (cough cough), Sensual and romantic, the collection teamed lacy petticoat skirts with fine tailoring and was hailed a triumph. Her delicate camisoles and Nineties updates of the Seventies trousersuit fast became the talk of the catwalk circuit. The following season, Chloe execs proved that her efforts had not only raised the house's profile, but had lifted its profits too.
(Paul: Now Chloe, Here's the million you asked for. Just make sure she does what she wants and the world loves her for it. 'Specially Vouge.)

Following the death of her mother in April 1998, (I agree, that was very sad)Stella stepped up her fight against the maltreatment of animals, a cause Linda had always held dear. A month later, during Fur Fashion Week, she teamed up with PeTA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) to release a video championing animal rights.
(fashion desienger that doesn't like fur? She's not gonna get to far)

In April 2000, she renewed her contract with Chloe, amid reports that she had turned down the offer of a position at rival house Gucci (NO! SHE TURNED DOWN GUCCI! THE WORLD IS TRULY COMING TO AN END), because Gucci would have required her to work with leather. Exactly one year later, Gucci confirmed that they had signed McCartney up, with a view to developing her own label as a global luxury brand. The Chloe job was awarded to her righthand woman, Phoebe Philo.

In August 2001, it was reported that Stella had started dating Alasdhair (oh, nice name!) Willis, the 31-year-old publisher of Wallpaper magazine known to friends as Mr Gucci, for his love of designer labels. Stella's social life is legendarily star-studded. As well as being romantically linked with the likes of Lenny Kravitz in the past, her close friends include Kate Moss, Liv Tyler, and Madonna (known as Melly to Stella's Stelly), whose wedding dress she designed in 2000.
(Lady Madonna. God, What connections. Josie personally likes the OLD Madonna.)


Okay, I actually like this outfit. A sort of Millinium party look.

God how EMBARRESSING! I would never wear this, but it looks really cool.

I thought she was all against fur. Could be fake, but nothing but breasts should be fake on the cat walk.

Here are Stella's "Friends"

Pheobe Philo. Her 'Right hand' that got her job when she went to Gucci.
This is a dress Pheobe designed that I really like.

Madonna or Melly to her friends. I really liked her with her cool songs like Vouge, and like a virgin. But now she's just scraping in dough. Sad.

Kate Moss. NO idea.

Naomi Campbell. Supermodel, yada yada yada.

Liv Tyler. What a slut.

The fashion's that I personally like.

Julia Roberts in vintage Valentino

Halle Berry in Badgley Mischka

I dont really LIKE Tommy Hilfigure, but he made my pants which I just LOVE so there.

Fashions I wouldn't mind having!


A swedish store that is not only cheap, but LOOKS a lot like Gucci. I lived in Sweden (thank you thank you)but I spent all my money on hotdogs and mcflurries instead of clothes. hehe.

MY H$M Line up.

just an example.