These are just certain people I hate. Not "hate" hate, like you say when some one makes fun of you. This is hate, detest, abominate, abhor, loathe, recoil at, shudder at, shrink from, view with disgust, hold in abomination, revolt against, execrate; scowl at, disrelish, dislike...The list goes on and on. It may be a group, a food, a certain word, ANYTHING that just gets on my nerves. Enjoy! (This was influenced by R#icks H#ate list at Comedy central.com)

1. People that SAY they like the Beatles but dont even know who Paul McCartney is. That depresses me.

2. Wanna be goths, I call them. They wear crap from Hot Topic, listen to slipknot, and say they support anarchy. I actually asked a girl if she knew what it was. Obviously not. So when I explained it to her and said that we could kill whomever we wanted, all she said was "Well, except for that part." GOD!

3. Spoof Movies. Were you take bad movies, and result in making a movie that is even worse, if possible. (Not another teen movie, scary movie, scary movie 2...)

4. Pushy people in the hall. They just walk forward, not caring what peasents stand in their way.

5. WHEN PEOPLE FORGOT THE WORD SORRY. When did THIS happen? I got pushed off my chair once (I admit on accedent) and all the fellow said was "My bad".

6. "Cool" teachers. The teachers that pretend that they are cool and hang out and crap like that. IN OTHER WORDS, while one side of the class tries to work, the other popular half is sharing gossip with the teacher. Productive? I think not.

7. Hero reports. "Who is your hero and why?" WHO THE HELL AM I SOPPOSED TO SAY? Once I put that I have no hero because heroism is evil. All the teacher said was "write more, or do the assingment"

8. People that report you to the councellor. I was depressed ONE DAY and I got reported! God.

9. Spongbob Squarepants. I origionally liked him cause he's really silly (oh tartar sauce.) and all, THEN they made t-shirts. shirts= popular kids buy them= "I love Spongebob!"= Resentment from Josie= Josie no longer likes that sponge.

10. Marathons. Its just a day that the animators can catch up on the next cartoon.

11. Brothers. Need I explain?

12. White kids that act black. First they whip them, then they free them, then they get beat up in the streets, and now they completly get what little subcoulture they have. NO I AM NOT RACIST. It just bothers me with the HUGE chains and the Fubu shirts and calling eachother Pimp. 5 foot nothing kids in big shoes are not pimp material, thankee very much.

13. Soy. They shove it into our school lunches, just so that the market can get rid of it.

14. Teachers favorites. Its not the nerdy kids anymore! Like once a group of teachers were talking and one said that Powell might become Vice Prez because of Cheneys bad health. I said "I certainly hope Rumpsfeild doesn't become Sec. of state." No one heard. Haley (bitch) came by and started a conversation on......this is unbelieveable......Why Pee-wee herman is her favorite person. PEE WEE AGAINST THE EDUCATED? AHHHHHHHHH!

15. The butt ugly martions. For those who dont know what it is, be thankfull.

16. My millions of Barbies. They just remind me of wasted childhood and "god, what a waste of money." I bet I have about $500 worth in Barbie merchandice.

17. Insomnia. Sure it helps with homework, but I kinda gets on my nerves most of the time. I'm writing this at 2:30 in the morning. And I am not tired. at all.

18. People that SAY they're insomniacs because they go to bed at around 1. That is not an insomnic, my friend. I go to bed because of bordome, if nothing else.

19. Fan fics. You basicly slap anything you want on to a story, and but in words like "passionit" and crap, and wammo- you have a fan fic. Some are kinda "Then we went to the park...." and others are just kinda....nasty. No I'm not refering to mine. I mean this one. I actually read the whole thing. Yes, I'm just that bored. If your parents have not given you "the talk" yet, you may find this page...disturbing.

20. Guys. Can't live with 'em, Can't live without em. Half of the time their freeloading bastards that constantly flirt with other girls and when you confront them they say "I was just joking". God. (Memories of Nicholas have not faded)

21. Councelours. Your special, stay away from this person, *BLINK BLINK*, *snarf on doughnut*, and you hate your family. You didn't know it, but she says its a definite.

22. Horoscopes. Being that mine are constantly right, they bother me to death. This was my horoscope that I just read: Tomorrow's new moon stimulates your house of dreams and ambitions and makes it a great time for you to do something you really love to do paint, draw, sing, or hang out with your friends and plan for the future." WELL DUH, ITS A SATERDAY. What else do you do on a saterday?

23. The white album. I'm sorry, its just...i dont know. Really not my style. The only songs that where okay where Ob la di, Ob la da, and Happiness is a warm gun- only because I thought it was Paul screaming in the end "Happiness is a warm gun. When I hold you in my arms, And I feel my finger on your trigger, I know no one can do me no harm." I found out that it was John. I havn't been so dismayed since I found out that Ringo had blue eyes, or Kellen (guy at me school) dyed his hair black. Its red...ugh.

24. Marc Chapman. Assassin of John Lennon. How can you be a fan and kill the person your a fan of? It doesn't make ANY sence. Well, Marc didn't get the chair cause he was "mentally unstable"

25. George Dubya Bush. Need I say more?

26. The fact that everything I have any sort of interest in is completely out of reach, OR is not suggested to be liked in Nebraksa. Yes I live in Nebraska.

27. Continuation of 26. I hate Nebraksa, at times. I like it because I grew up here and my house is here, but other than that. Nadda.

28. How school haunts you on the weekends. Just at this moment I'm feeling a bit tired (3:36 am) and will go to bed in a minute, but as I sat up my head I heard in my head "Josie, the bells about to ring". I dont think I've ever heard a sentance more times then that.

29. Paul with long hair. You know, when he had it down to his shoulders. Thank god he got a hair cut in time for Larry King Live.

30. Those old Beatle music vidios. I download some of Morpheus and god. 3/4 of the movie is girls screaming. I downloaded it to see the Beatles, not the screamers. If I want to hear screams, just invite some friends over and watch Hard Day's Night. Espially the part when the accedently zoom up on Ringos arse.

31. The movie Help. I hated that movie, and the soundtrack. the only good thing was when they threw paint on ringo and he began to cry. THAT was funny.

32. That one picture of John and Yoko naked. That is the most nasty picture of all time, AND John has a very small dick. I'm sorry but for such a big ego you'd think otherwise. God what a nasty picture. I accedently came across it. I just saw their shoulders and thought it was them in swimsuits, but I scrolled down to fast...

33. American Movies. No plot, no good acting, no real depth or anything!

34. Hugh Grant. Honestly, Your going out with a free prostitute (Elizebeth Hurly) and then you get CAUGHT with a street slut. And he's a bad actor too. In bridget Jones's Diary, blah+ugh=Hugh.

35. The thought that just because I'm smart, doesn't mean I'm normal. Like people freak out when they see me at the mall, in a skirt, or talking about Guys. I AM A HUMAN BEING!

36. Sprite. It smells like puke. *Josie sips her sprite*

37. The very thought that made me friend Joe freak out. The thought of Paul McCartney sleeping with my very gay teacher, Fuhrer. I am not against gay people, just Mr. Fuhrer.

38. The thought of my band teacher in a thong.

39. Black socks. They are the most disgusting thing on this earth. Blah.

40. Braceses. One day one tooth hurts, then the next day another. Who knows, once in a while you get lucky and your whole mouth hurts.

41. The fact that there is no possible way I can become Queen. Prince William is 7 years my senior, Prince Harry is doing drugs and crap, and I hate spanish so there goes Prince Felipe out the door. I know Harry in not in DIRECT line to the throne, but if anything happend to William with no heir?...

42. That I live in an age of 'wassup' and punkish attitudes. What happend to the ages of elegance? Refined english and ballroom dancing? Where tap dancing was admired and People sang at the piano?! *Josie has watched Pride and Prejudice AND Fred Astaire in one day. Wistfull combination*

43. My Room. It will never be clean in my entire life. Ever. Never. EVER. NEVER.

More are coming kiddies! Wait till I'm pissed another day or I'm tired.