1. You shout curses at your enemys

2. You are never seen without your wand

3. You refer to teachers you don't like as "Snape". Example: God, Snape gave me SO much homework today!

4. YOu hand in your homework on parchments.

5. Ask your librarian if they hold the book "Men that love Dragons to much" or "Hogwarts, a History". Whatch out with this one cause nowadays they have little books with such titles.

6. You write with quills

7. All the twins in your school avoid you cause you wont stop calling them George or Fred.

8. In the lunch line, ask if there is someone working there called "Dobby"

9. You sneak into the office and over the loud speaker say "Students, do not go into B wing unless you wish to suffer a very painfull death."

10. Put up a sign in the hall that says "NO MAGIC IS PERMITTED IN THE HALLS! -Filch"

11. You follow any kids around with any of the character's names, prodding them to do magic.

12. You have a turban that smells weird.

13. You get an egg and try to hatch it under a toad. *Josie writes as she pushes her frog back on the egg...*

14. You keep trying to faint on account of a dementor and your friends say "God Josie, its just a trick or treater!" Whoops! Josie is very sick and working on her pathetic site. PLEASE send more! Princesspeach52@hotmail.com!