Bonjour Dahlings! Mizz me? Now, I did my petit arrrchtical on Mz. Stella. Now her fahtha and his little friends. They iz quite the charmers but we go beyond there petit smilez and adorrable little eyze. Bach in ze 60's they was quite fashionable, but from then to now, what has changed. My grrrachious friend Josie will expand on my little inquieri. Jozie?
Thank you, Madam -la-mode. I thought to meself one day, Gee Josie, The Beatles are really cute. But is it just there cute smiles and adorable eyes that do the work? Or is there an element of taste in their demenor. Well of course. Lets analize the seperate BEATLE fashions of the obvious John Paul George and Ringo, and make sure ya vote at the bottom who YOU think is the swavest. Dont vote for your favorite beatle because THATS NOT FAIR TO JOHN GEORGE AND RINGO! hehe.

Paul. Paul has had a lot of Fashion DOES ever the years as a beatle. Lets take a look.

The "blue suede shoes" era.

Okay okay. He looks really good here, leather jackets are a definite DO DO DO DO DO DO DO DO DO!

Hard days night Paul

This is back in the good old days, Beatlemania. Thats before they started to match outfits. Gee, He's so adorable. Not a wrinkle or a blemish. Gee... Jozie? Isn't dis about fashion?? *snaps out of daze.* Sorry Madam.

The HELP era.

So the beatles finally figured out that they're a smash so they strike while the iron is hot. On with the ties! On with the collar shirts! On black tailored pants! And good bye bright yellow shirts and blue jeans. We dont see THOSE for a while.

1965, The era of "dude, we are SO rich." or "Dude, these sugar cubes taste great..."

Oh hey John, hows it...WHOA! Is that Paul? Stealing the trademark glasses I see....