I decieded that I like these YKYL... stuff so I'm making a bunch!

This is YKYLTGTMW... You know you love the godfather too much when...

1. You have a hit list

2. You stuff cotton in your cheeks before school

3. You tell your friend that "Your like family to me..."

4. At random moments say "I belive in America" (ME)

5. Whenever you get out of a car you say "Leave the pistol, take the connolie"

6. Whenever your friend has a problem say "I'll have Fat Clemenza on it..."

7. You hold out your hand to people when your introduced so they can kiss your hand.

8. You demand your friends to call you Don

9. Everytime you look at a window say "Why are the shades up?" and duck.

10. When you get REALLY mad you say "Oh, Michell. You dirty rotten bastard..."

11. When you nagotiate over something say "Look, I'll make you an offer you can't refuse."

12. When your friend tells you about a problem you say "You come to me on the day of my daughters wedding..."

13. In exchange for favors, give your friends carpets. :)

14. Tell your mother that she's your consulette.

15. Every time you see Mayor Gulliani scream "ITS TOM HAGEN! ITS TOM HAGEN!" (ME)

15. Send your enemy a vest with a fish in it.

16. Speak what little italian you know. (ME! Bonjourno Princhipessa!)

17. When you travel in a car ask "Where going to Jersey?"

18. Blow the brains out of a police captain (I'M KIDDING! DON'T DO TRY THIS!)

19. When you walk into a friends house you say to their mom/dad "I am honored and grateful that you have invited me to your house on the day of your daughter's wedding." and run off.

20. When advising a guy on girls be sure to say "In Sicily, women are more dangerous than shotguns."

Josie is sick, send more. Princesspeach52@hotmail.com