The list of lists! Ever since George died (rest in peace), George has become the favorite of many that had him last on their list of Beatles. So here why you would love him anyway!

1. He was the youngest (and such a cutie at that!)

2. He started the moptop look, and pulled it off best.

3. He looks best with a black eye.

4. He named his son Dhani! God I love that name.

5. He's friends with cool people like Eric Clapton and Jimmy Hendricks.

6.There is this especially cute picture of him that made me friend simply FALL for George.

I dont like it much, meself.

7. He's such a sentimental sweety! You just wanna go up and give him a BIG hug, dont you? I wanna dance with Ringo, Debate with John, Give a BIG huge to George and Paul... We'll leave it at that.