My beatle Friends
Hello One and All (much better than Beatle Peetles). This is the part were I give a big heelo to all me crew. I have much more friends, but they dont belong in the Beatles section. Anyhoo, this is my story. One day Margo (Friend) and Sallie(friend) were walking up the hall singing "Yellow Submarine". They told me they were doing it with the Talent show with Kastl(friend) and Natalie Zikmund (Now I speak only lightly terms and dislike her but I'm not allowed to say that cause she's ultra super popular). Weeks later, Sallie and Margo and Kastl came running up asking me to be in the talent show because Natalie had "other things to do". I refused, being that I hated the song Yellow Submarine (how little I knew). After some more pleading, I gave in. I was to play Paul. One thing lead to another and WAMMO! I'm a beatle Peetle. Thats my story. This part is to Sallie, Margo, and Kastl. Enjoy!

This is Sallie Deitrich. She is very funny but VERY negitive and Likes to tell me to shut up. :( She is SUCH a John because she the "intelligent rebel" as People Magazine liked to call John. In the Talent show, she played John and forgot her lines by calling me George and Margo Paul. Then when I said "John's always messing up on our names" then she said "OH, Thats George (pointing to me) and thats Paul." Its okay sallie. I forgive you. Sallie's sign (we all have our stupid signs) is Stormcloud. She plays French Horn.

I dont have a decent picture of Margo. Her Real name is margret but she told me to call her margo (?). She is SUCH a george because she's the peace freak in the group, real big on tree's. She's sorta silent but she gets very happy when you give her to much kiddie champaine *Josie chuckles at the memorie* Her simbol is a tree. She plays violin, the closest thing to a guitar in our little click.

I dont have a picture of Kastl either! GOD! Anyway, Kastl's the short one in the group in comparison to our 5' 8'', she's a 5'4'' I believe. She is a mix between me and Sallie. She's happy like me, but a bit scynical like sallie. She's SUCH a Ringo cause she our lovable little mascot. Her symbol is a person with a drumhead since she ACTUALLY plays the drums!

This is me. I'm Paul. The cute romantic that looks at life with rose tinted sunglasses. I'm the second tallest in the group and the happiest. I sing to my hearts content and want a bass guitar EVER so badly. My symbol is a person with curls sticking up because of my wild curls. I play Flute (ugh) but I REALLY wanted to play Trombone.