Okay, this is probably a dumb idea, but I rather like it. The point of webmaking is to make everyone enjoy my genious..I mean able to enjoy what you put up. BUT This is only for HTML script masters. You can steal all here cause Hell, I dont care. These are cool codes I just wanna experiment with.


Do the font color thing font color="" and enter these songs to get cool colors. See what song equals what color!

A day in the life.

A Hard Day's Night.

A Taste of Honey.

Across The Universe.

Act Naturally.

All I've got to Do.

All My Loving.

All Together Now!

And I love her.

And your bird can sing.

Anna Go To Him.

Another Girl

Any Time At All

Ask me why

Well that was the A's. How many I like? About 2/14. Thats pretty bad.

Baby It's You

Baby, You're a rich man.

Babys in black

Back in the USSR

Bad Boy


Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite



Blue Jay Way


Well that was the B's. How many I like? 4/11. Getting better...

Can't buy me love

Carry that weight


Christmas is here again

Come together

Cry Baby Cry