Do you want your friends and family to like Beatles as much as YOU do? Here's the simple and easy steps to brainwash people into liking the beatles. (Did I say Brainwash?...*nervous laugh*. I ment CONVINCE)


When possible, sing their most FAMOUS songs, like Lucy in the sky with diamonds, yesterday, or Imagine. EVEN I heard about those before I liked the Beatles.


Once you've got at least on song in their head casually mention "You know, Lucy in the sky with diamonds sounds a LOT like For the Benefit of Mr. Kite." Thus introducing them into the lesser, not known songs.


Now we come to the Pictures. So many!! Get out your favorite one and say "This is Paul/Ringo/John/George." and then somthing about it. Like "This is from their movie, hard days night..."
"hard days night?" they ask. Now we come to step 4

This is my fav.


Now its time for the Films. They've got the songs down and can tell John from Paul, now time to test them. LET THEM SING ALONG! What ever you do, dont start out with Help. God that movie was dumb AND steriotypical AND fake AND only Ringo was cute. Yellow Sub is a great one to start with.


You should have a Beatlemaniac by now! If they still need convincing, realate it to something they like. Like "Do you know George Harrison helped Direct Life of Brian?" for those Monty Python fans (ME!) or "Know that Paul's a sir?" for those royalty fans (ME!) or even "Do you know that Paul wrote live and let die" for those James bond fans (ME!)