Hey all! This is my Christmas center! This is were you kinda get a little hint at my personality by what I wish for BUT! I've decieded to make my DREAM wishlist. Fun, eh? Then at the bottom is what I actually got for Christmas.

1. Paul McCartney (A girl can dream, eh?)

2. A Bass Guitar (I have no idea how to play it but god I want one!)

3. a Motorcycle. A Honda CX650, From 1983. God, its beautiful.

4. My VERY OWN laptop...

5. A snowboard

6. Lunch with ANY Prince under the age of 28.(Hello Prince William!)

7. A diamond tennis braclet

8. A Horse, arabian stallion.

9. A trombone!

10. A HUGE BEATLE POSTER SIGNED BY THEM PERSONALLY. With silly stuff like "Your one swinging bird, Josie. Call me at ......, love Paulie." and ect. I know this is impossible but hey, this is my list!


1. a Georgetown T-shirt (go Hoyas!)

2. a pretty ring

3. Sims Hot date

4. a Beatles planner (yeah!)

5. an express sweater

6. three cool bandana's

7. Julius Caeser by shakespear

8. "Memoires of a geshia"

9. Disney Monopoly

10. A jacket

11. and a shared Playstation 2