Hottie, with a capitol H! Tho the beatles are EXTRA coo, we must keep in mind that they are not the only QT's in the world. How right I am. Here are some blokes that I simply Fancy! May they be from 1930-2001, I care not. They are just all on my good list. For singing, acting, a personality quirk, even just something sweet they did in a movie. ANYHOO, have fun seeing the strange things I like. Who knows? Maybe youll begin to like em too! Most of them are either Italian, Dancers, or Guys that do sigh invoking acts....


Peirce Brosnan's gotta gun... The coolest James Bond *Besides the almighty Sean Connery*, and he's IRISH. Saw him in the Tomas Crowne affair, which wasn't very good, but he is still very cute. A man with a silencer is all I need in life.

My offical favorite actor. If you think its Hugh Grant, you havn't read my SH#T L#ST. Colin Firth. Also in Pride and Prejudice, a DVD I bought ALL on my own!

this is an awful pic but, oh How I SIMPLY adore Frank Sanatra. ESPECIALLY in the movie High society.You laugh, I kill.

Screw Cutness. Fred Astaire can dance, which is a lot to say for a guy. AND hes gotta a lotta charm.

This fellows a bit more modern (gasp). Freddie Prinze Jr. Gee, he's a sweety. Ever since I saw him in Girls and Boys. Or was it boys and girls?

Gene Kelly. Not ONLY can he dance like fred astaire, but he's CUTE! wow. Talent and looks. Can we say rare? I really like him in the Movie Singing in the Rain.

Harrison ford WAS cute. Dont get me wrong. Like in Star wars and Indiana Jones. NOT the modern day one, like that one with that girl in the bathtub...Forgot the title. Oh well.

This is an AWFUL picture, but I've always been a fan of Elija Wood. I dreamt once that he owned Comic World (a place my brother buys pokemon) and then I had to run becuase I was late for a press meeting with Paul McCartney. I KID YOU NOT!

Marlon Brando, Jimmy Dean, On the cover of a Magazine. Boy is Brado CUTE! I even like him when he's REAL old in The Godfather, my offical favorite movie. Hard days night comes next, then Gone with the Wind. Then Yellow Submarine, then Life is Beautiful, and so forth. Beatles, Civil war, and Italian movies. Strange combonation.

From Shakspeare in Love. Who DOesn't like shakespeare, I mean really?