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Hello One and all. I love the Beatles and I'm proud of it! From me to you, have a very new year, GO 2002! My Birthday will be 02/20/2002! Cool, eh? Anyhoo, On stealing pictures from me, go ahead!
Though credit would be pleasent! I've deleted my MAIN site and have decided to spend ALL my time here. Arn't YOU lucky? YOU ARE ALLOWED TO STEAL ALL PICTURES, COME HAIL-SLEET-RAIN-OR SHINE! Click on your favorite beatle (a.k.a. Paul) and forgive my endless rambling!

03/09- Hey Hey. Its the weekend once more so look for updates such as..

02/16- I have a lot of new awards that I have worked very very very hard on so go try to win them, and make sure you Check out in Generation B2, Two new stuff. Dr. Paul Suess and 25 punishments and privledges of the Beatles.

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Do I look like Sailor Jupiter or what? I accedently sorta rekindled my love for Sailor Moon. Whoops.

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Limitless undying love which shines around me like a Million suns. If thats not poetic, I dont know what is.

Sir James Paul McCartney :)


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A tribute to Abbey Road.
I Just personally want to give a little salute to Abbey road for dishing out The Beatles' 221 individual tracks on 19 albums in the US (14 in the UK) and 39 singles (24 in the UK). Truly a good studio. The first Beatles song, Love Me Do, was recorded at EMI Abbey Road Studio 2 on September 11, 1962. The last time all four Beatles gathered together in the studio where they made history was on August 20, 1969, to supervise the Abbey Road mix and running order. The last Beatles recording session, with John missing, was on January 3, 1970, to record I Me Mine. All I can say is God bless you, Abbey Road!