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Toggled Review:‘Vanquish’ proof that longer development can be a good thing
By Ezra Mann (Editor in Spoof)

Rushing out a blockbuster project is certainly no new practice by the entertainment industry, especially when it comes to movies or video games and many times we wish the releases had been given more time. Then again, too much time has also proven to be grounds for parody or curse.
This particular title or hopefully none ever again can displace “Duke Nukem Forever” as the perpetual development joke, but there are instances where waiting until a game is really finished can do wonders for a title. When I first picked up this title I didn’t have any feeling one way or another, though the more I played it, the more the experience grew on me and became one of the most refreshing shooters I’d come across in years. “Vanquish” is a third person journey with few flaws other than those centering around what comes after you beat it the first time.
In this sci-fi adventure, you take on the role of Sam Gideon, a researcher with the United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency for an Earth that has resorted to warfare over what few resources remain. Part of the solution to try and overcome a lack of energy available, there is a space station orbiting earth that collects solar energy for those back home.
Of course, this station also happens to have a super weapon capable of wiping out entire cities and happens to fall into the hands of a Russian revolutionary group, which kind of thrusts the main character into battle with a barely tested cool armor developed by a guy who also has been captured by the bad guys. What follows is actually a story that could have even been better if expanded upon, but with a game system so smooth it rivals many others lack of control. The weapons system and movement work hand in hand without hardly any fault and it isn’t long before one masters how to best enemies who can still curb stomp those who are a step too slow.
In some ways, this reminds me of another third person action title, “Too Human” and if you like a kind of 80s cornyness between two of the leading characters, you’re in for a treat there too. About the only things I would have liked added is longer game play (it’s over within less than 8 or so playing hours) and at least some option of either co-op or multiplayer. Because of this, one doesn’t have much reason to play again other than to get some of the leftover achievements.
Still, I would not rule out wanting to play a sequel since the story is left open enough for one and a fair warning, due to the game’s violent content, I wouldn’t recommend it except for those close to adult age.
What Sega did right, they did with style and makes one wish they were still in the console portion of the market. I can say it is fun for at least rental purposes and for what little play there is, you will never be bored from start to finish. As a result, I give “Vanquish” for the Xbox 360 a bullet riddled four out of six toggles.

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