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Secret Democrat plan for keeping control of the Congress discovered.
Faux News By Don Hellion

Concerned about the losses on the polls and increasing anger among the population over the health care bill fanned by the Tea Party Movement and conservative talk radio The Democrats have come up with a solution to the prospect of losing control of the Congress after the 2010 elections. This secret plan is known by the code name Operation Mao.

The idea is to declare martial law on November first and cancel the elections for reasons of national security. The reason that will be given is that an election at that time will cause a disruption of the government that could cause unrest. The claim will be made that changing the makeup of the congress at this time will disrupt delicate work that needs to be completed for the good of the people and that interrupting that work before it’s finished will have catastrophic effects.

One concern the Democrats have in implementing this plan is that the people do not understand that they need to have the government make all their decisions on what to eat and what to drive and especially the people do not understand that they are not smart enough to make decisions about their health care and need to government to make those decisions for them. Complicating that problem that talk radio hosts persist in broadcasting information about what is in bills and proposals that the American people lack the intelligence to understand.

Part of the plan to ensure that the government continues to run smoothly and there are no interruptions in the process to remake American society is a plan to nationalize the broadcast media to ensure that ideas that run counter to the restructuring of American society are not disseminated and cause unrest among the masses. Among the ideas that are of concern to the Democratic leadership is the ridiculous notion that the purpose of the government is to serve the people. All good Democrats know that the people are supposed to serve the government. Another serious problem is that the people have this silly notion that government officials and employees have to have integrity. The people do not seem to understand that honesty inhibits the ability to rule over people. And that to properly govern it is mandatory that people be deceived. It must be kept in mind that the people just lack the intelligence to know what is best for them. Nor do they comprehend the fact that the ruling class is entitled to certain perks in exchange for the obligation of running the peoples lives for them.

The main obstacle to implementation of this program to restructure American society is the way the citizens’ cling to the Constitution not understanding that it’s old and outdated so for the progressives to successfully rebuild America will be to get rid of that document and replace it with something more up to date…Like the Communist Manifesto. Of course the source will have to be kept secret since the people lack the intelligence to comprehend what is in it.

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