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Welcome to the second Really Pathetic News Network Game Review, circa 8/23/2004.

Toggled Review
Metal Dungeon for the Xbox console system.
By Ezra Mann (Editor in Spoof)

Welcome back gaming fans to the review that gives you the view into video games that are on the market. We are here once again to show you the latest we have stumbled on and rate it using our system of Toggles.
This edition we venture into the RPG market to test our skills at a unique adventure. Unlike many I have stumbled upon, here is RPNN’s take on Metal Dungeon for the Xbox.
In a dark and disturbing world, much like a riot after the Lakers win, there is some bad funk going down in yet another role playing quest. This particular release allows plenty of customization, allowing you to determine everything from sex to body type for up to five characters. The bad guys are your run of the mill experience point builders and the game play is similar to that of Diablo.
There is not too much storyline to be had, just enough to get you the basic information. Apparently you put together your troop and are supposed to stop these magic wielding guys from being so darn evil. You basically are supposed to battle your way through a labyrinth of levels in an effort to save the world as expected.
With up to five characters you have a little variety as to what abilities they have. However, unlike your Final Fantasy type of RPG you do not obtain cash by going through beating up bad guys, although you still do get experience. Another difference is you don’t level up automatically either and you must sell items or hunt down a particular monster so you can pay for level-ups.
The game play is alright though nothing too terribly exciting happens in the beginning. To help you navigate a holographic map hovers above which can be useful, but annoying for the eyes as you have to look up and down constantly to make sure you are going in the right direction. The fights are the usual turn base style not venturing too much from the norm.
The graphics for the game are done rather well and offer a bit of excitement here and there. Cinematics are cool and the interface is easy to read and move through.
Overall the game is good for taking away boredom time leaving gamers looking for a mission with something to do. It is not in the top ten of my favorites, but it offers a decent level of entertainment. For effort I am giving Metal Dungeon for Xbox a fair 3 out of six toggles.

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