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Article for the week of 3/31/08

The ignorant are faithful 100 percent
By, Ezra Mann (Editor and Closet Orator)
The current political environment and a recent trip to a movie theater have given me a most poetical inspiration for the naïve majority in our nation. Being a Dr. Suess fan, I of course couldnít pass up the opportunity to see the latest book to movie translation, Horton hears a Who.
The striking similarities to our self imposed situation were all too eerily similar and being the generous muse I am; Iím going to share it with you. From our elephant in the white house to the elephant that cared so much, itís a trip some may never recover from. (Keep all hands and voter registration cards taped to your rear until the ride is over) I shall illustrate to you all how the ignorant are faithful 100 percent.
Bushy who sat on his tushy we all know to this day, how he twiddled away eight years in Washington much to our dismay. Oh how we pleaded and begged he listen to our cries, heíd rather go down to Texas and deny, deny and deny.
So here we groan with a moan how he went to a war and threw away our rights. Weíd like to step in, but being the hippies we are, we canít put up a fight. The ignorant are faithful 100 percent.
Our congress we turn to cause they care all that much more, about the things we bought sold and traded our souls for. We sure showed them when we turned the colorful tide from Republican to Democrat.
Now instead of smelling the rump of an elephant we prefer to sit in the pile of donkey scat. Theyíll surely fix our problems by not coming back home to listen to the few that cry out. The ignorant are faithful 100 percent.
So here we are at yet another election year ripe for each prefabricated television debate. Which candidate sounds less painful to your wallet or which will bail you out of that credit problem for which you took the bait.
Letís bring the troops home or letís leave them there for a hundred years more, as long as we donít have to take all the flack for the problems we all caused and make us so sore. Status quo thatís the name of the game we like to hear, why change for the better thatís like thinking about a good choice when you pop open a beer. The ignorant are faithful 100 percent.
Believe me, I could keep this magical cynicism train rolling down the satire track till Casey Jones rose from the grave and beat me with a railroad tie. (Check your local fox channel to see Journalists gone vocal!) Yet, all the goofy literature in the world wonít make a dilly worth of difference if people donít stand up and make something happen.
I donít know about you, but Iím not going to be content with sitting by and letting the planet and its people drown in the usual polluted ignorance. If you arenít happy with the current selection of leadership you might need to do more than replace those idiots with more idiots. In this age of digital communication there is no excuse for the dangerously stupid to rely on you giving them lip service at the polls.

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