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Article for the week of 3/9/08

And the Nations funniest Politician is…
By, Puns McKenna
Personally I’d have to say that title goes to Hillary Clinton with her continual stabs and barbs that she’s slinging at President Bush. Though the rest of the candidates have their Keystone Kops moments.
Let’s take a look at what has to be the height of hilarity for the political arena.

Hillary went down to New Orleans for a rally. At her rally she bad-mouthed Bush for his actions during the Hurricane Katrina disaster. She called him incompetent and a failure. Worried about how much the people of New Orleans were being ignored during the clean up. She complained that relief was too slow in coming. Yet, interestingly enough, she charged $50 per ticket and raised over $100,000 for her campaign. Then at Martha’s Vineyard she was the star attraction. At this event she was serenaded with one of the most atrocious songs I’ve ever heard. “Devoted to You” is the song that Carly Simon sang. Blech!

And then we have McCain having hot dogs at the White House! One would expect that when you have lunch with the President, you’d be having something exotic. No one counted on having a Texan for the President did they? Awesome choice of food if you ask me. Shows that the President is just a man like the rest of us.

Reporters of course were appalled when they asked John McCain what he’d had for lunch. He replied that they’d had hot dogs and fruit. He also let it slip that he is more of the barbecue ribs type of person. But hot dogs are okay as well. Talk about fine gourmet foods.

So we’re going from $50 tickets to a rally in New Orleans with crass complaints about how little aid the people have gotten in repairing and rebuilding their homes and businesses to the White House for a picnic in the Rose Garden.

Its amusing to see just what kind of hob snobbery we have going on in the political arena. We get a down to earth president that wants to point out to the populace that he’s human. And then we get the wanna be president that wants to rub it in to the people suffering from Hurricane Katrina. And then we get the other side of the wanna be president coin that doesn’t know whether he wants to be a down to earth human or a “Cookie Carnival” entrant.

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