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Article for the week of 11/9/07

Media needs a gospel revival
By, Ezra Mann (Editor and Zion Lion)

Itís time this great nation of publication had a good old fashioned house cleaning. Thatís right heathens and sinners of all forms of word spreading, for too long have we wallowed in the filth and stagnation of pure evil. Stand up now, grab your microphones, pencils and cameras for we are about to feel a great changing come over us now. Feel the spirit of journalism flow over you and cleanse that no good biasilba out of your system. Great editor all mighty we got some work ahead of us!
There are a great many individuals who believe that the media as a whole is a corrupt singular organization that is out to defame, maim and dismember all that is sacred in this world. Fact is, those that have a wee bit of common sense know that this is not true that each publication or media relation organization is run by their own staff responsible for the material they release. Yes, in recent times things have become a bit more consolidated, but most news providers are still independent enough to bring out their own message. Unfortunately, due to the stupid actions of a select few, those of us in the profession must find ways to show that you the audience can still trust us to bring forth the truth. Perhaps we can find a common ground in the soothing sound of gospel music.
Amazing grace how sweet the keys that typed a wretched spree, if newspapers in this land hope to survive, then we should go ahead and protect liberty. The printed word has been lost and found so many times Waldo might just be justified in suing for copyright infringement. The thing we need to do to keep the printed word going is to be able to accept the other forms of media while keeping sacred what our forefathers fought so hard to give us. We cannot stay only written form, but things get too swallowed up then we will continue to spit out the same recycled news and forget the everyday person. What we need brothers and sisters is to sing a song of balance instead of being torn apart.
Now radio and television, if I had a hammer I might sometimes be tempted to nail the power switch to off. Of course, in the gospel mood of things I know that there really arenít all those hard feelings underneath it all. What we need to do to make sure things open up to the people once again, is to actually communicate with the people, instead of polarizing the newscasts and telling papers that they are a dying industry. Freedom of speech comes in many forms and if this is to be protected, then we must focus on bringing out the truth and not trying to present another form as lesser. Praise honesty in presentation and get rid of those gosh danged talking heads.
Keep your inbox trimmed and running internet media, for we are still learning how to incorporate your vastly complicated system into other networks. More and more people are turning to the World Wide Web for news and who can blame them when it is both fast and simple. Almost every news organization has a website, but some only have it for face value, others use only its majesty and still others use it to enhance their product. The third option should look the most appealing, because as time has shown no one way to get information is entirely 100% reliable. Let us not fall into temptation and forget how a blend of sources is the only true way to get the whole story.
In the end the citizens will need to get their voices heard and whatever form is preferred all need to be prepared to learn from one another. Itís not just a nice idea, itís a real possibility that both journalists and non-journalists alike can share. Like a good gospel song, with the right combination of melody and movement it sounds much sweeter if we all get down to earth. The key is to listen. You might just hear the notes of the greatest piece ever written.

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