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Article for the week of 10/17/05

Weird costume ideas for Halloween

By, Cozmic

Okay, so you've seen it all done before. Pirates, witches, vampires, that dude from Scream. It's just not all that entertaining anymore. So we at RPP thought we'd show you ways to think outside the box. First of all, think of something, anything. Then think of soemthing else, entirely different. Then mix the two. Maybe throw in a third thing, if you're feeling really crazy. And remember, things that are really odd are pretty scary and kinda fun, so dress up like something you can't picture yourself as. I thought about turning my own slightly dark and blackclad self into a snobbish brat from the neighbouring town, which would mean putting on a white shirt, having my hair in a backslicked fashion and dye it blonde or something similar, and wear way too tight jeans, while thinking I looked cool. Then I realised I don't want to buy that kind of clothing, and just how gross I'd feel, but you can see the basic principle.
And now, because we're so nice, here's some ideas to get you started. Note that these are mostly meant to be strange, instead of necessarily making sense.

The Pirate ninja. Famed throughout the internet, the discussion of which is more powerful, a ninja or a pirate, is one which might never be solved. But what if if you mixed the two? That's right, you'd get an almighty something. Plus, yu'd get to say things like ”Yarr” and ”Aye, me matey”, and any opportunity to speak like that is not to be taken lightly. Now what does a pirateninja (or a ninjapirate) look like? Maybe an eyepatch, a katana, a headband, an odd sash and either lots of monochrome color or striped clothing. Throwing stars and old pirate-style pistols are nice accessories.

The Space knight. Basically knights in space, and no, we don't mean jedis. Tinfoil would be your friend here, I can imagine, or maybe cardboard and shiny paint. And ducttape can solve most problems. Maybe take a LARP-sword if you have one, and buy that cheap raygun with the soundeffects at the toystore, and add alot of weird technothingymajigs on your old-looking suit of armour. Think Darth Vader, except maybe a bit shinier.

The Barbievampire. No self respecting vampire is ever going to wear pink, but Barbie has never had any sort of taste. The basic idea is simple, dress up in all pink and tacky clothes, pad your bra and put in a cheap pair of vampire fangs, and maybe have some blood run down your mouth. The odd part is that the Barbie part of this idea is the scarier one. Contrary to what you might think, this costume isn't just for women, it might very well look just as scary, or even scarier, on a guy. And if not, you can have people fear for their lives because it's quite possible they will laugh to death when they see you.

The Paris Hilton Witch. This one is probably better if done by somone of the female gender, but don't let that stop you. The irnoy of this costume shouldn't be too hart to spot, Paris Hilton is already a witch, but this way you can make it even more clear. Dress up in something ugly and tasteless, act like a total bimbo, and paint your face green, add warts to the already excessive use of makeup, and go around telling people of your acting career. It doesn't get much scarier than that.

The Goblin Santa. Santa has nothing to do with Halloween other than what has been implied by a certain movie, but he needs to party once in a while too, right? Of course, just putting on a Santa cosyume isn't nearly weird enough, so paint your face a healthy goblin-green color, or maybe like an orc from the fantasy realm of your choice, skip the beard, and walk around with a with a smug grin on your face. Have a big bag full of halloween related toys, but say they're all yours. If you're lucky, you could screw up someone's idea of Christmas for good.

Well, there you have it, a few costume ideas to make you stand out a bit, and hopefully inspire you to come up with your own. Remember, only your imagination is the limit. Well, that and time, money and your own skills.





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