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Obama In Sandwich Smear
By, Grey Politics

The lingering battle for the Democratic Presidential nomination is having some interesting detrimental effects on the spectacle that is national politics. Where ordinarily by this point there would be two opposing presidential candidates, with a few oddballs hanging on, and they would be discussing policy, experience and warming up great heaping pools of muck, ready for the slinging.
However in the age of Youtube, Google and Richard Branson’s orbital spy satellites engaging in the largest scale candid camera in existence the muckraking has begun early, and involves Democrats slinging at Democrats, an act of internecine image destruction that can only prove detrimental to the party the longer it lasts.
The latest muck salvo could conceivably have been launched as a joint muck strike between Republicans and Hilary Clinton. Aimed squarely at Barak Obama, who is still clinging to his golden boy image even with ill conceived statements by old friends and swim team tattletales, the latest muck volley may well have misfired disastrously.
It started simply enough, McCain attempted to weaken his foes by launching a pre-emptive strike aimed at crippling Obama, the strongest of the possible Democratic candidates using home video footage of Barak playing dress up.
This would have been innocuous enough for the Obama campaign, they may have even been able to spin it into a positive event, a moment of cuteness where the young man who would be president dressed up in his mother’s dress, his father’s shoes or his uncle’s lederhosen. While dressing in women’s underwear even as a child might have been damaging, it would have been nothing compared to McCain’s claim that he had video footage of Barak Obama playing dress up, women’s clothes, military uniforms, as a simple horse’s ass at one point, in an act known in the Obama household as “Wednesday afternoon”.
Hilary Clinton was not about to simply let the Republicans score such a victory over someone who is still her opponent. With the same sort of possessiveness that led to regular morning fights over the last donut with husband Bill Hilary has searched and found her own “Wednesday afternoon” footage.
One would think that two foes simultaneously releasing highly embarrassing, possibly even scandalous footage, would spell the doom of Barak Obama’s political career. No one has survived video evidence except for Ronald Regan’s brush with video footage of an alleged affair between himself and Minnie Mouse that eventually proven to be false eleven weeks later when it was pointed out that Minnie Mouse was a cartoon character, not a real person.
Sadly no one in McCain’s team bothered to check what they were taping over. As the footage of Obama waltzing with the family cat while wearing a green sequined dress the tape cut to a TV show. It seems they taped over an episode of “Blind Justice”, one of the worst concepts for a cop show ever allowed to be filmed, from McCain’s personal library, tarring and feathering his taste in one move, leaving him with little or no credibility in terms of art, entertainment and bathroom etiquette, a matter Republicans have long struggled with.
Similarly Hilary Clinton’s staff mixed the tapes up. Apparently someone had taped over a football game and forgot to switch the labels, so when someone put on the tape labelled “The dirty embarrassing video” they wound up with a Bill Clinton home movie. Enough said really.
So while the whole affair has shaken Obama’s credibility it has also damaged that of his foes, leaving most of America to wonder if it’s too late to return to being a British colony.

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