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            My online portfolio is very straightforward, and contains only information that is useful to my target audience.  My target audience is in fact future and present potential employers, and I believe that the basic concept of my site is something that they are looking for.

            I have tried to keep the same basic color scheme for all of the pages throughout my site.  I have used the same light blue background which I believe really makes the back text stand out really well.

            As for the navigation system, that is not completed yet.  The very first page on my site contains a link to each of the three parts of my Website, my journal articles, my example XML problems, and my resume.  I will in the future be adding a fourth link to some of the web pages that I am currently working on.  There will also be links at the bottom and top of each page to go to the other sections of my Website.

            The clock that follows the cursor around on the very first page does not really serve a purpose, it was just something that I thought gave that first page a little bit extra.

            Although the design of my portfolio has not been finalized yet, the basic premise of it I believe is very evident.  Although minor aspects of the site will be changed in the future, overall it will stay the same.