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            I chose to critique the web page of David Frankfort, a professor at the University of Houston.  It can be found at  the web address,

            Overall, the website is setup very well.  At first glance you see a well laid out menu bar on the left side of the screen.  This makes the site very easy to navigate.  The user can get from any page on his site, to any other page on the site without having to go back through the main page. 

            The color scheme on all of the pages is the same; a bluish gray background with a blue font.  The readability of the pages from far away is difficult, but up close it is not a problem.

            One thing that makes the site very easy to navigate is the frame on the left side that stays with you no matter where you go on the site.  This bar provides the navigation through the site.  It provides links to his resume, sports interests, photos, and U of H stuff.

            There was obviously a lot of time put into preparing this website, and why not, he is an IT professional.  All and all the site is very professional looking, and provides all relevant information.