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Bourbon Street

New Orleans is the most sensuous, soulful city in the
world. It's the delicious tingle of excitement you get
from singing out loud in public, from dancing down the
middle of the street, in the middle of the day, in the
middle of the week. It's an afternoon sitting back all
lazy like on a Streetcar, swaying beneath the massive
arms of oak trees, rolling by magnolias in bloom in the
front yards of antebellum mansions

The gut of Bourbon Street is a seven block cajun dish where
reality is concocted.. fermented and set loose by night.
jazz and blues.. lacy balconies and solid cypress of bygone times
its steamy striptease, go-cup booze, and X-rated t-shirts
there's people parading outside 24 hours a day,
and it's different faces every night

"Bourbon Street is totally unique"

Baby What You Want