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My High School Sweetheart Chap-2

~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~* Chapter Two: I Want Her! Main Chapter Characters:Kagome,Sango,Sesshomaru,Inuyasha,and Miroku! Me don't own Inuyasha!And if you're a Kikou hater!Then welcome!But if you're a Kikou lover then you don't want to read this!Because Kikou is going to get dissed alot in this fanfiction! CHAO!
Kagome is on the plane to the U.S.A.She's not very happy that she has to leave all her love ones in Japan.And Hojo and her were supposed to be going out!But now since she's going to America she couln't be with Hojo anymore! On the plane: Kagome:Great!(sigh)I'm going to a mega rich school called:Beverly Hills High school.I wonder what's that going to be like! ~.~Kagome's Thoughts~.~ Kagome:Man, I wish Hojo was here! Cautions:Don't worry Kagome!I have a feelin that there's going going to be cute boys there that's going to like you! Kaogme:yeah!but no ones going to be like Hojo!And how can you think?! I'm you! Cautions:Yeah! but you'll go no where without me! Kagome:Shut up! ~.~Kagme's Thought's Done~.~ Beverly Hills High: Teacher(Kaede):Class settle down now! I have something to say! Inuyasha:That old hag always have something to say! Sesshomaru:Inuyasha!our Family has a reputation! Don't ruin it! Inuyasha:Whatever! Kaede:Today we have a new peo-ple to add!She's... Miroku:Oh! so she's a she?! Hmmm hmmm... Sango:Miroku! BAM!!!!! Miroku:OUCH!what did I ever do to you?!*sniff sniff* Sango:Shut Up! Kaede:Anyway,she's a foreign exchange student from Japan. Sesshomaru:Don't we have enough foreign exchange chicks already?! Girls:Oh!SesshomaruYou are so cute! Christina:Sesshomaru!I just wanted to say that you are really cute and hot! Sesshomaru:Why ,thank you! thank you very much! The girl(Christina)sighs and walks off with her friends. Inuyasha:why won't you talk to your self Bro!It's always good to add more chicks to my collection! Two groups of girls went up to Inuyasha and complementing him on looks, and how he is smart!(yeah right!)Sesshomaru looked annoyed and looked away with a "humph" Kaede:Sit down people, sit down! ~.~Mean While...~.~ Kagome gets dowmn from the plane.It was 9 in the morning.she got her stuff, and called a taxi. By the time she got to Beverly Hills it was already 2nd period.Second period teacher was Mr. Totosai.It was workshop.Minutes later Kagome came to the school. Kagome:Wow! This is a big school... She shuts the taxi door behind her,and begin to walk inside. ~.~In The Class Room...~.~ Inuyasha and Sesshomaru are signing autographs.They are MEGA rich and also good looking too.That's why so many girls love them.Especially Kikou,Inuyasha's ex. girlfriend.She'a popular,sorta pretty(can't believe I just wrote that!),snotty,and also a hater!She broke up with Inuyasha a long time ago, but doesn't let anyone touch Inuyasha.Just cause she's a HATER! Kagome:Hmm...this looks like the class room. KNOCK KNOCK... Kagome opens the door. Mr.Totosai:That must be the new student that Ms.Kaede told me about. Inuyasha and Sesshomaru stops signing autograghs and look up to see who the new student was. All the Boys:Wow look at her! Inu. and Sess. couldn't take their eyes off Kagome.Kikou notices and go over there to kagome. ~.~Kagome's thinking~.~ Kaogme:look that's Kikou! Cautions:So?! Kaogme:so?!she's my sister! Cautions:The evil one remember?! Kagome:Oh yeah! Cautions:Just don't look at her and what ever she says to do,do the oposite. OK?! Kagome:ok!you better be right!though! Cautions:Just do it! ~.~Kagome Done Thinking~.~ Kikou:Kagome! Honey! Remenber me? Your twin! How's mom? Kagome:My mom's fine!but I don't have a twin! Kaogme's Cautions:You go Girl! Kikou standing there like an idiot(Ha ha ha!) Boy:Look!Kikou is trying to be friends with the new girl so that she even more popular! Another Boy:Too bad the new girl doesn't want to be friends with her! That's why she's standing there like an idiot! Kikou felt CRUNCHY!Very CRUNCHY!Kikou's now mad! ~.~Inuyasha's Thoughts~.~ Inuyasha:Wow!she's cute! Cautions:Cute you think she's HOT! Inuyasha:How do you know? Cautions:I'm your CAUTIONS remember?! Inuyasha:Oh! yeah! Cautions:Ya big DuM DuM! ~.~Sesshomaru's Thuoghts~.~ Sess:Wow! she's cute! Cautions:No duh! you think she's hot too! Sess:She's gonna be mine! Cautions:well judging by the look on Inuyasha's face,he wants her too! Sess:Not if I get her first! Cautions:Go Dude! Sees:It's a competition! ~.~Miroku's Thoughts~.~ Miroku:humm... hummm... Cautions:Don't even think about it MISTER! Miroku:Why?! Cautions:Because you're trying to get Sango remember? Miroku:Oh yeah! Cautions:Ya see another girl and you forget about the other one! Miroku:But anyway, I don't have a chance with her anyway!I'm 100% sure that she's gonna be popular, and either Inuyasha is gonna get her or Sesshomaru is gonna get her! Cautions:For once you're right! ~.~All Thoughts Done~.~ Sango saw Miroku staring at Kagome so she looked at him with a pair of evil eyes.That made Miroku very scared!(L.O.L) Mr.Totosai:Well now,let's give you a seat! can sit behind Sango!Sango!raise your hand please! Sango:Hi! over here! Kagome sits down. Sango:Hi!I'm Sango!Your name is Kagome right?Cute name! Kagome:Thanks! Cautions:Be cool! Miroku:Hello new beautiful Lady! Kagome:Hi! Sango:And that's Miroku! Miroku:Will you consider bearing my ch... BAM!!!! Miroku:OUCH! Kagome:HUH? Sango:Don't worry about him!He's just desperate! Kagome:Um...OK! Sango:Hey Kagome!you'r pretty amazing! Kagome:Huh?what do you mean? Sango:It's your first day here and you already got Inuyasha and Sesshomaru on your hands! Kagome:who's that?Do you mean them boys over there! Sango:Yeah! Kagome:They look pretty funny to me!One looks like he has makeup on, and the other one has cute puppy ears... but they still look weird! Sango:Cute puppy ears?! looks like you like Inuyasha! Kagome:Inuyasha!? Cautions:You like Inuyasha!you know you do!I told you you'll find someone better than Hojo! Kagome:Shut up! Sango:What cha say? Kagome:Oh nothing! Sango:Cautions right? Kagome:umm... Sango:Listin to your Cautions Kagome! Kagome:Yeah, whatever! Inuyasha and Sesshomaru heard everything with their youkai powers. Sesshomaru was really mad, cause Kagome said he wore makeup! Sess:It's demon marks d@nm it! Demon marks! Inuyasha wasn't really mad cause Kagome complemented him.And he thought that his ears was the one who lured girls to him.He was happy. Inuyasha:Hey bro!Don't get mad! you might show some wrinkles!Ha ha ha ha! Inuyasha laughed so hard that he started to cry! Sess:Shut the hell up! Sango:So what kind Of guys do you like? Kagome:I don't like them when they curse! Inuyasha:Ya heard that! don't cuss Sesshomaru!Ha ha ha! Kagome:Nice guys that are smart!and well I don't know! Sess:She likes smart guys! Not stupid ones! RING RING!!!! Mr.Totosai:Class is over! Kagome:well that was fast! Miroku goes over to Inuyasha and Sesshomaru. Sango:Where's your locker Kagome? Kagome:It's right over by the Snack bar machine! Sango:Wow!you already got a locker?And right next to Miroku,the 2 brothers,and mine too! Kagome:Nice!The snack bar! Sango:Look!Kagome!Inuyasha is walkin over here! Kagome:so? Kagome's Cautions:Oh!my GOSH!I'm so happy for you!you know you're happy! Kagome:(smile) Inuyasha:(whispering)Myoga! Myoga:Yes me lord! Inuyasha:Don't come out ok? you might scare Kagome! Myoga:yes master!But don't you want to wait intil lord Sesshomaru to come back so the two of you can go over there together? Inuyasha:NO!I'm not getting any chances with that Bum!I'm gonna go over there by my self!besides dad called him!It's gonna be a long talk.I wonder what he did wrong this time.Oh well!no time!Kagome first. Myoga:Ok!master! Inuyasha:Hi there!Kagome right? Kagome:yep!That's me alright!the new girl! Inuyasha:Um... ~.~Inuyasha is thinking~.~ Inuyasha:I don't know what to say! Cautions:say something! Inuyasha:um...Yes!got it! Cautions:no don't say that!!!! Inuyasha:Shut up and watch the master at work! ~.~Inuyasha finished thinking~.~ Inuyasha:So heard you are Kikou's twin!is that true? Kagome:Well, so? Inuyasha:so it is true! Kagome:what are you going to tell me now? are you going to tell me how much she is better than me? That's what my mom always say! Inuyasha:NO NO! I was going to say that you are better than Kikou and I'm her ex.(uh oh!).I don't like her! Kagome:Oh!now you're saying that so I can get you two back together RIGHT!!!!!!Well no chance buster!OUCH! what is that!? Kagome slaps her self and found Myoga the flea floating down motion less! Kagome:Ewwwww...yuck what is that thing? Inuyasha:Myoga!I told you not to come out !you might scare her!and now look what you did! Kagome:You named THE flea?!You GAVE it clothes?!YOU TALK TO IT?! Myoga:Sorry mam! Kagome:Ahhh!It even talks!What are you? Let's go Sango! Miroku:Not exactly how a first empresssion should be my best friend! Sesshomaru:HA!nice one lil bro!She's mine now! Inuyasha:not if I can help IT!(stupid me stupid!) Cautions:I told you so!MASTER! Inuyasha:Shut the hell up danm it! Inuyasha:Sesshomaru SHUT UP!!I'm GONNA GET HER FIRST YOU WATCH! In the corner of the other side of the school was Kikou and her wannabe popular friends.Kikou glares at Inuyasha,Sesshomaru,then at Kagome.Her heads on fire now.Her twin has a high score for first empression at school. Better than her first time. Kikou:No one takes Inuyasha,No one talks to Inuyasha like that and if I can't have him, Then no one can!Kagome...hmmmm...
Authors Notes: Well that's all guys!The next chapter will be well I'm not telling you!but read on to find out!I'll tell you one thing though!Kikou is going to frame a certain person,but turns out that...find out in the next chapter!(Warning:Lot's of flash backs!) Syanora!, -*-Nina-*- (Little Angel)
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