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My High School Sweetheart

heres my fanfic ok? and if you dont know who iam then ill tell ya! im Little Angel!peace out!k?
Author: Little Angel Characters are from Inuyasha and Yu Yu Hakusho. Pairings:None yet. Main Characters:Inuyasha and Kagome. 1st Chapter's main Characters:Kagome and Kagome's mom
Authors Notes:This is my first fanfiction that I've ever sent to any sites!The other ones were just for fun! And the Yu Yu Hakusho gang doesn't come out for a while! And I don't own Inuyasha nor Yu Yu Hakusho!(I wish!) Chapter One: Good Bye For Now!
Tokyo, Japan: Kagome's mom:KAGOME! Hurry up! you're gonna be late for your flight to America! Kagome:Coming!Gosh!No need to yell MOM! Kagome's mom:Well hurry up and I won't have to yell so darn hard! Kagome:OK!I'm coming down stairs! ~*~Kagome's Thoughts~*~ Hi! my names Kagome Hurgarashi,I'm 15 and in just in a few hours I'm going on a trip to America.Why? because my mom says education over there is better then over here!so I'm gong to go to school there.Plus I have a twin over there.She told me that my twin will look after me. Cautions:I don't think she's gonna look after you! Kagome:Why not? Cautions:Don't tell me you forgot about the time when she triped you, blame things on you, making your mom think that your the evil twin when she's the evil one? Kagome:oh yeah!I forgot about that! Cautions:How can you forget that!she's the evil twin! Kagome:Well I'm not a hater like her you know!I'm the good twin remember! Cautions:whatever! Kagome:Anyway,I've have to admit that my Cautions is right!she is evil! Cautions:Thank You! ~*~Kaogme's Thoughts Done~*~ Kagome's mom: KA-GOM-ME! Kagome:OK! Kagome walks down stairs.She ate her last breakfast with her family.she says good bye to them. Kaogme:Bye mom!Grandpa!Souta!and Buyou! Buyou:Meow... Kaogme's mom:Bye honey!I'll write to you every day! Souta:Bye Sis!I'll miss you!(NOT! Don't come back so soon too!) Grandpa:Bye Kagome!And remember to use those spells that I gave you! Don't lose them! Kagome:Umm...OK!whatever you say grandpa!Good Bye For Now! ~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~* Authors Notes: Ok! that wasn't a very long chapter!But I promise that the next one would be better, and a little longer!And I'll reveal some more characters for you! bye!, Little Angel!
Site Owners Note:Well This Chapter Isnt Displayed Very Well Cause Of Angelfire But You Can Still Read It Right?Thanks leer45
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