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Baikal Films
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Boys in the Mud 
The 1999 German release of Pojkart’s Naturist Film, “ Boys In The Mud ”, is a full 41 minutes of colorized and captivating naturist fun and games combined with some mud bath experimentation by Oskar and his two friends Tommy and Robin. Like other Pojkart Productions of naturist films, “ Boys In The Mud ” clearly captures the unabashed European attitude of naturism and the nudist lifestyle and is another offering from Naturist Documentarian and Director Leroy -- who invitingly documents the three naturist friends in their backyard retreat where they often spend time swimming, playing water games, and just having a naturist afternoon. This time Oskar’s two friends find a barren spot near the garden area where they dig a fair sized hole in the ground -- apparently, the naturist boys intend to play with some mud on this bright sunny naturist day. Oskar, not to be outdone by his friends, ends up filling the hole with water. Now the three naturist boys can truly enjoy their mud fest as they become three naturist “ Boys In The Mud ”. Everything goes, from cars, cranes, dams, and of course, the ultimate fun for “ Boys In The Mud ” -- a mud fight and a mud bath to embellish their young naturist bodies for another day when they can once more become just three naturist “ Boys In The Mud ”.